The Body Shop Argan Oil Range Review

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Hi y’all!

Today I am talking about my favorite brand, The Body Shop.

The world is raving about Argan Oil. It’s good for your skin, hair, and what not. I’d heard good things about TBS Argan Oil range. And I am a hoarder of TBS things, so this one had to be in the cart. There is a sale going on, so you can also make use of it to treat yourself.

The Body Shop India
Now you know where all my money goes.

I’ve been using the shower gel and the body lotion close to 2 months now. So now would be a good time to share my review.

TBS is known to use finest quality ingredients sources from all over the world. The Argan Oil range is enriched with slow pressed Argan Oil from The Little Atlas Mountains, Morocco.


Both the shower gel and the body lotion come in trademark TBS packaging – easy to use plastic bottle. The shower gel bottle is golden in color and comes with a flip top, very easy to use. And the body lotion comes in a pump packaging.

The Body Shop shower gel
Lather up the richness of Aragn Oil!

They have changed the packaging of the body lotions. Now you even get a stopper for more protection. It is travel friendly; you can close the pump and just attach the stopper to make it spill proof.


The range has a sweet nutty fragrance, with undertones of vanilla. It is refreshingly soothing. If you like woody sweet fragrances, something like macademia chocolates or caramel, then you’ll enjoy this range.

The Body Shop body lotion
Light and moisturizing, this body lotion is perfect for summers.

The only down side, the fragrance does not last long. It’s a good idea to layer your fragrances. Use the shower gel, followed by the body lotion.

You could also layer it with body lotion and body mist. Although this range does not have a body mist.

How it fairs?

The shower gel lathers well, and the best part is that it doesn’t strip off the moisture from your skin.

The body lotion is light and non-greasy, yet it moisturizes the skin well. You just need a tiny amount. It seeps into the skin rather quickly.

The Body Shop Argan Oil Range Review
Keep an eye on The Body Shop sale and you can get some good offers.


  • Shower Gel – 345/- for 250ml
  • Body Lotion – 575/-

If you’re looking for a new shower gel and want to try something enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil, then this is a great affordable buy. The body lotion will last longer, so I’ll say its value for money.

The Body Shop Argan Oil Scrub
The range also has a body butter, body scrub, and lip scrub.
Source – LilyLike

Hope the review helps you make a smart choice. Let me know what’s your favorite product from TBS, so that next time I have reason enough to splurge!!

Bye, see you soon.

This is not a sponsored post. Just my love for TBS pouring all over.

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5 easy DIY honey face packs for glowing skin

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Off late I and Kritika have been experimenting with a lot of home remedies and DIY face packs. Most of them have worked pretty well. So, thought of sharing with you our 5 favorite DIY honey face packs.

honey face packs
Honey – the juice of nature will make your skin soft and supple. Source – lifehack

Super easy to make, no elaborate list of ingredients, and effective results – these face packs meet all these requirements. So let’s dive straight into it.

  1. Mango and Honey Face Pack

Mash a few pieces of mango, add 1 tbsp honey to it and make a squishy paste. Apply all over your face and neck. Let it stay for 20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Mango is highly hydrating and helps to make your skin smooth and soft. It is suitable for all skin types.

2. Oats and Honey Face Pack

Mix 2 tbsp oatmeal + 2 tbsp honey to form a smooth paste. Apply all over your face and neck and let it dry. Before washing it off, damp the skin and exfoliate gently. While oats will scrub away the dead skin cells, honey will provide moisturization to your skin.

honey face packs for dry skin
The goodness of natural ingredients for glowing radiant skin.
Source – dontmesswithmama

Although it is suitable for all skin types, but it works best for acne prone skin.

3. Fuller’s Earth and Honey Face Pack

If you have oily skin, then clay masks would work best for you. They’ll suck all the excess oil leaving your skin naturally healthy and squeaky clean.

Mix 2 tbsp honey + 2 tbsp fuller’s earth (multani mitti) + a few drops of rose water to form a smooth paste. Apply it all over your face and neck. Let it dry for 15 minutes before washing off with cool water.

4. Besan and Honey Face Pack

Mix 2 tbsp besan (chickpea flour) + 2 tbsp honey + a pinch of turmeric to form a smooth paste. Apply evenly on your face and neck. Let it dry for 15 minutes before washing it with cool water.

The face pack is suitable for all skin types. It’ll help you get rid of blemishes and give glowing radiant skin. You can also use this face pack as a body scrub.

5. Milk and Honey Face Pack

This one is the easiest of them all. Mix 1 tbsp raw milk + 1 tbsp honey to form a smooth paste. Massage in circular directions all over your face and neck. Let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

honey face packs for glowing skin
All things yummy, all things honey.
Source – hella wella

It is best suited for people with dry skin. Both milk and honey will provide your skin the hydration to make it naturally soft and supple.

Just a word of caution before you leave – make sure you do a patch test of all of these before applying them to your face.

Do let me know which one worked best for you.  See you soon!!


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5 YA books that you’ll fall in love with – Part 1

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What’s better than reading books? Writing about your favorite ones! Young Adult (YA) has been my favorite genre for a couple of years now and I’ve devoured a big stack of them.

There are so many YAs on my list of favorites that I cannot put them in one post. Thus, made it into a series! Cheers to a whole lot of dreamy book recommendations.

top young adult books
Adding some extra whimsy feels for the first book post.
Source – Elsa Frost

Without much of rambling, let’s just straight dive in – Top 5 Young Adult book recommendations.

  1. Eleanor and Park (Rainbow Rowell)

If there is one YA that I love beyond every other, it is Eleanor and Park. OMG! It is that good. I have all nice things to say about it. It’s a story of two teenagers, Eleanor – the rebel red hair girl, and Park – the cutesy guy who meanders his way to Eleanor’s heart.

Eleanor Park
If you find a book as good as Eleanor & Park, you’ll be my favorite person.

The bromance, love, and spark between these two is something you just cannot get over with. It is happy, positive, and candy flossy! Trust me when I say that Eleanor and Park will raise your expectations! And Park is #boyfriendgoals.

PS – I am still searching for my version of Park.

2. Me Before You (Jojo Moyes)

Cannot stress enough on how much I love this! I am a big fan of Moyes’ writing. Her words come alive through feelings.

Me Before You
If there is only one love story that you want to read, make sure it is Me Before You.

The love story of a quadriplegic and his caretaker! The love story of two opposite souls! Everything about this book is amazing. The characters, story, emotions, and of course lots of mushy romance.

The movie is super cute as well! Cuddle up with bae and get swayed in love….

Spoiler Alert – Keep a box of tissues handy!

3. All the Bright Places (Jennifer Niven)

This is a tad bit serious than the previous two. Finch and Violet meet at the ledge of school bell tower with a common aim – suicide. If you’ve loved The Fault in Our Stars, then this one’s for you.

All the Bright Places
It’s not what you take, it’s what you leave – All the Bright Places

It is heart wrenching. The way tragedy is weaved with threads of happiness and love, is incredible. It makes the writing style so fresh!

It’ll leave your eyes filled with tears and your heart with hope.

4. Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)

Sophie Kinsella always works magic. Warm and fuzzy like freshly baked cookies, that’s what best describes Finding Audrey.

The story revolves around Audrey whose life is disrupted by anxiety disorder. Enter Linus, her brother’s gaming partner. The romance between Linus and Audrey is bubblegum cute.

Sophie Kinsella
Tilli and I say a big hii 🙂

We all need a guy like Linus, who understands, accepts the weird, mad part of our personality, and sends us virtual kisses.

Happy, uplifting, and mushy, Finding Audrey is unadulterated love!

5. Me & Earl & the Dying Girl (Jesse Andrews)

It’s a story of Greg and Earl, two boys who love making movies. And then one day Greg’s mom urges him to rekindle his childhood friendship with Rachel – the dying girl. It’s a story of their friendship, awkwardness, and understanding.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
And then some books encourage introspection!

This one gives YA reading a fresh feel. Even though there is an underlying sadness, it is witty and full of humor. I loved the vivacious writing style.

Have you read any of these? And if you have any YA book recommendations, the comments section awaits you. My heart and bookshelf is always ready for new books. See you soon.


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Ikat Magic: 5 ways to wear ikat this summer

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Ikat is a specialized dyeing technique native to southeast Asia. The simplicity, intricate patterns, and riot of colors make ikat a fashion statement in itself. Ikat is the perfect example of ‘simple is the new classy’. Making waves on the runway and the fashion circuit; we’re crushin’ on this beautiful art form.

How to wear ikat
Beating the heat in this comfy ikat tunic.

There is an unmatched rustic feel to ikat. The apparent blurriness to the design symbolizes the extreme difficulty weavers have in dyeing the fabric. Go bold with ikat accessories.

ikat jutti
The Ikat Triangle Jutties by Fizzy Goblet are pure love!

If you want to include the ikat magic in your wardrobe, but are confused how to do it, here is some inspiration.

summer dresses
Eyesight – Average
Vision – Phenomenal

5 ways to include ikat magic in your wardrobe.

  1. Ikat Dresses

On a hot summer day the pleasure of a cotton maxi dress is unmatched. Look stylish and be comfortable in an ikat dress this summer. Keep it casual chic or go all ethnic, the streets are your runway!

summer styling
Summer dreams are made of sun, sand, and midi dresses.
Source – TheLoom

Perfect for a brunch date with your girlies, or even a causal day at work. Glam up the look with statement earrings and a vibrant lipstick!

ikat styling
Peachy hues, beachy feels.
Source – Jaypore

2. Ikat Kurtas

Kurtas and summers are a match made in heaven. Wear them with palazzos for work or denims for college, there is no looking back from the inevitable love for kurtas. On days when you don’t feel like dressing up, yet want to look put-together, an ikat kurta can come to rescue.

ikat kurtas
Power dressing gets a whole new feel with this prettiness.
Source – TheLoom

Pair them with palazzos for an easy breezy look. Choose a basic black or blue, and they’ll be evergreen.

summer kurtas
Having a basic black kurta is a must.
Source – Jaypore

3. Ikat Accessories 

There can never be a time when we girls say ‘I have enough bags’. For all you fashionistas, this season invest in an ikat bag and make heads turn wherever you go.

ikkat bags
Fashion on fleek with this classic ikkat messenger bag.
Source – Nappa Dori

You could buy a big ikat tote and pair it with your favorite summer look, a stylish ikat messenger bag for that crisp formal look, or the love.

ikat bags online
Always classy, and a little bit sassy.
Source – Uzbek Alive

Or how about giving your basic jutties the twist of ikat. Pair them with denims or saree and they’ll surely make a bold style statement.

ikkat jutti
Pink love!
Jutti Love!!
Source – Fizzy Goblet

4. Ikat Blouses

The suave and class of a saree remains unmatched. Style your solid colored saree with a contrast ikat blouse for that added charm. A simple cotton saree paired with a contemporary ikat blouse and silver jewelry will amp up your style statement.

ikkat saree
Simple is new chic! This sexy ikat blouse will make your saree look all the more fancy.
Source – Ajio

You can also pair an ikat blouse and the saree of similar colors for an overall effect. Give the outfit an edge with bold accessories.

ikat blouse
Such prettiness, much wow
Source – houseofblouse

5. Ikat Tunics

The one thing, after maxi dresses that we love in summers is comfy tunics. Pair them with your favorite ripped denims for a casual outing. Give Friday dressing a twist with the stylish ikat tunic.  Pair it with slim fit trousers for a crisp semi-formal look.

ikat tunics
Life isn’t all black and white. It i a million grays you cannot find.
Source – Ogaan


cotton tunic
Giving formal wear that desi vibe feel.
Source – FabIndia

The good thing about tunics is that you can wear the long ones like a dress. Pair a straight fit ikat tunic with white sneakers for that perfect casual vibe.

ikkat dresses
This stunner from Jyapore has my heart.

I hope this was enough inspiration to make you fall in love with this lovely trend. Also let me know which of these ways are you most excited to try!!!

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May Book Haul

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Hope y’all are doing well. May was a rather productive month which is always a good thing. Keeping busy in what you like to do is a happy feeling. And then at the end of the month, the bank SMS is a ‘happier’ feeling.

book haul
There is no such thing as too many books.

After a long time, I indulged in some book shopping. If you’re a booknerd, you know the unmatched happiness of new books. These are the books I bought –

  1. After You (Jojo Moyes)

I am a huge fan of Jojo Moyes and her writing style. It is full of emotions and hits all the right chords. This one is no exception.

After You book
I loved a man who had opened up a world to me – After You.

After a lot of speculation (I didn’t want to ruin the ‘Me Before You’ mood) I bought this. Thankfully it didn’t ruin the feel. It isn’t as good as Me Before You, but you can feel the loss, love, and longing. Worth a read!

2. Before I Go to Sleep (S.J Watson)

I am halfway through this, and it is pretty interesting. After reading a lot of YAs over the past few months, this is a welcome change. It is about this woman who has a severe case of amnesia. Till now it has been intriguing enough, I hope the thrill continues.

best thriller books
I’m halfway through this, and it is quite interesting.

3. Along the Ride (Sarah Dessen)

Have heard so many good things about Sarah Dessen and particularly this book! And then one day Amazon has some random sale and I see the paperback version at a discounted price.

What next – Add to Cart 🙂

Looks like a perfect summer read!

4. The Sun is also a Star ((Nicola Yoon)

Nicola Yoon and her books have become the talk of the town. Last month I’d read Everything, Everything and I am planning to see the movie soon.

The Sun is Also a Star
Romeo being the real star!!

It is YA, and the blurb seemed interesting enough to attract the hopeless romantic in me. That’s why it is in the haul list!

5. Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between (Jennifer E. Smith)

Last on the list is Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between. If you want to feel young, relive those teenage years, and want to reminisce that first love, Jennifer E. Smith is what you should be reading.

I’ve read 3 of her books and have loved them all. This is just a small step in completing the author series. If you’re a mad bookworm like me, you know this feeling.

Jennifer E Smith
That happy feeling of reading all the books by an author…

I am so looking forward to reading these and maybe some more in this vacay season. Tell me what did you shop for this May, and what’s on your TBR List.

Until next time, happy reading!!!

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May Favorites 2017

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March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.

It’s hard to believe that almost half of 2017 is over. May was a happy productive month. And now it is that time of the month when I sit down to compile my list of favorites.

may favorites
Compiling monthly favorites is a happy feeling.
Source – thewallflowersecret

So here goes, all the things that I’ve loved through the month – May Favorites.

  1. Forest Essentials Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan

If you haven’t tried Forest Essntials ubtans, you don’t know what you’re missing in life. Let your skin indulge in the goodness of all things natural with this ubtan. You can mix it with rosewater or aloe-vera gel and use it twice a week.

Forest Essentials
I’ve been biased for all things ‘rose’ this month.
This ubtan though is pure love!

The granules are fine but when mixed it can be used as a scrub as well. The good thing is, it’s gentle on the skin and gives a radiant glow.

I’m not a fan of rose fragrance, but this one seems to be nice. It’s sweet yet not overpowering. The price is on the higher end, but it is worth all the money.

Price – 825/- for 50g

Forest Essentials Gulab Ubtan Review
You can use it as a scrub or as a mask.

2. Biotique Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Cleanser

After a lot of searching, I’ve found the perfect cleanser. Enriched with the goodness of honey, this one is suitable for all skin types and is a 100% soap free formulation.

Biotique facial cleanser
Gentle on the skin, and on the pocket as well 😉

There are times when your face feels stretchy and dry after using a face wash. It won’t happen when you use this cleanser. It lathers well, has a mild pleasant fragrance, gives you squeaky clean skin, and is super affordable (the best part).

Price – 149/- for 20ml

3. Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color

What’s a favorite post without some lipstick love! Have been crushing over these lipsticks all this month. There are 10 shades in the range, and I have two of them – Rose Touch and Coffee Lite.

Lakme 9 to 5 weightless mousse
Love the formulation. It’s so light yet highly pigmented.

Both the shades are MLBB (My lips but better), perfect everyday colors.
The application is smooth, they don’t dry out your lips, the staying power is pretty good (will survive a drink, but not a meal). For the price, they are great quality.

Price – 575/-

Ignore the drawing, focus on the creativity 🙂

4. Bath and Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream

I have the variant – Sensual Amber. And perfect to its name, it is super sensual.
Has a rich creamy texture which gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy. It leaves your skin soft without feeling greasy. Even though it is a creamy consistency, it is perfect for summers.

Pamper yourself with this the goodness of this cream

Richly moisturizing, and an amazing fragrance that lingers on, what else can you ask for? It was a gift by a dear friend, so don’t know the price!

5. The Body Shop British Rose Hand Cream

If you have Sahara Desert hands just like me, then this pleasant smelling hand cream will become your best friend. The consistency is a tad bit runny, but it gets absorbed instantly without leaving your hands greasy or sticky.

The Body Shop
The fragrance 🙂
The feel 🙂

It is moisturizing and keeps your hands soft. The fragrance is the real star. And the best part is that it lingers on for quite long.

Price – 375/-

What all have you liked in this month? Share it in the comments section below!

I’ll see y’all soon. Love 🙂

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New Beginnings

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been waiting to do this for the longest time and finally it’s happening. Thanks to paa and my stronger alter ego. Welcome to my whimsy world and the colorful clutter of my brain.

Always at my back!!

I am super pumped to brew exciting stories and because I express better in words, I know this is going to be a fulfilling journey. Here’s hoping that these stories can bring a streak of joy to your life as well.

So cheers to new beginnings!!

Starting new things with some Sangria is always a good idea.

Looking forward to this new journey and sharing lots of interesting things with you. The plan is to upload 2 posts a week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’d love if you show some extra love and encouragement for this new baby of mine.


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