5 must try Pan Asian restaurants in Delhi

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Sushi and Sangria is always a good idea!

For that matter a bowl of hearty Thukpa is also not a bad idea!

Best places for Sushi in Delhi
Always up for sushi and sangria date!

Have you guessed that I’m craving Asian cuisine! Chinese, Thai, or Burmese, I’m always up for them. The blend of flavors, distinct aroma of spices, and of course the variety of sea food! There is something so comforting about Asian cuisine.

Top Chinese restaurants in Delhi
That happiness when your friend says, ‘Let’s go out for Sushi Date’….

Taking you through my favorite 5 Asian cuisine restaurants in Delhi. If you see a pattern of sushi, sangria, and prawns, then you know it’s my love for seafood speaking.

Top 5 Oriental Restaurants in Delhi you must try 

1.The Fatty Bao

One of my recent finds, The Fatty Bao has become a favorite for all the right reasons. Delicious food, courteous service, amazing ambiance, full bar, and outdoor seating. If you want to try ramen bowls and delicious sushi, Fatty Bao is the place to be. From duck to scallops, prawns to oysters and crab, it is meat lovers paradise.

The Fatty Bao Delhi
Sunday brunch done right with Duck Bao and Rose Sangria!
best Japanese food in Delhi
Now that’s what my comfort food looks like – Ramen Bowl.

My favorites – Rose Sangria, Duck Bao, Chasu Ramen, California Roll, Spicy Chicken Salad

Location – RK Puram

2. Berco’s

The eternal favorite had to be on the list. Nothing like a happy hearty bowl of soup or the delicious Chilli chicken with fruit beer at Bercos. The good thing about Berco’s is that you get the perfect mix of dishes. You can try the evergreen classic ones, or try something new from their ‘Meal for One’ or Thai Delicacies section.

Berco's Delhi
Simple joys of life – chicken and rice.
Source – Swiggy
Khao Suey in Delhi
Mumma’s favorite – Chicken Khao Suey!

My favorites – Chicken Thukpa, Kung Pao Chicken, Rice & Noodles Shanghai Style, Khao Suey

Location – Multiple locations

3. Mamagoto

Next on the list is the cool and casual, Mamagoto. I’ve been here just once and clearly it stood out from a lot of other Asian restaurants I’ve been to. The staff is friendly and courteous, helps you pick the right dishes.

Mamagoto Delhi
The hipster ambiance of Mamagoto indeed adds to the dining experience.
Source – justdial
Chinese restaurants in Khan market
Try the delicious Thai dishes at Mamagoto, You’ll not be disappointed.
Source – hungryforever

It is known for its Manga inspired Asian theme. The portions are quite generous and they have an interesting mix of pan Asian dishes.

My favorites – Traditional Crispy Lamb, Mama’s Calamari, Mamagoto Goreng

Location – Multiple Locations

4. Side Wok

Side Wok is my second favorite restaurant in Khan Market after The Big Chill Café. It is extra special because Paa also loved it!You get delicious sushi, on point service, and beautiful ambiance. You can chill with friends or enjoy a cozy dinner date with bae.

Side Wok Khan Market
Sushi Platter and Beijing Martini at Side Wok.Side Wok Khan Market
Chinese restaurants in Khan Market
Happiness is being at your favorite restaurant!
best Pan Asian restaurant in Delhi
The epic Pork Ribs! One of the best I’ve eaten in a long time.
PS – Thanks Aviii for this pretty picture.

My favorites – Spicy Tuna Roll, Spare Ribs (these are to die for! epic delicious), Mix Vegetables Panang style, Beijing Martini

Location – Multiple Locations

5. Chew – Pan Asian Café

Amazing place for great Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. So much variety, you’ll sure have difficulty choosing your favorite. The food is flavorful, portions are large enough, and the ambiance is very cool and laidback. The swing chairs and graffiti all over adds a happy vibe.

best Chinese restaurants in CP
It doesn’t get cuter than this!
Source – chew.net.in
Chew - pan asian cafe CP
Yum yum in tum tum!
Source – eazydiner

My favorites – Chew Style Chilli Chicken, Salmon Nigiri, Nasi Goreng, Darsan

Location – Connaught Place

Let me know how many of these have you tried? And do we have a favorite in common. Also if you have a favorite pan Asian restaurant, do leave it in the comments section.

Until next time, Sayonara!!

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