Blogtober Day 31: A heartfelt wrap up!

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Hey everyone! Welcome to #blogtober wrap up. It’s been such an overwhelming journey. A month ago, I decided on whim to do #blogtober, i.e. one post a day all of October. With apprehensions and anxiety, I started and thankfully things went pretty well.

The best part about October has to be my birthday in the hills. It was whimsical, filled with lots of sunshine and good food, just the way I wanted.

Forever craving mountain sun! 
Life looks better in the mountains!


Have a look at Mcleodganj Diaries – part I and Part II to have a closer look at the celebrations!

A month of churning content and sticking to a schedule has made me feel so productive and happy. And true that, it’s not the journey that’s intimidating but that first step. Gathering courage to take that first step is the most difficult, and I’m so thankful to y’all and especially maa, for being such a support!

Was so happy to do #blogtober! Thanks for all your support.

Oh, you can also read my birthday special post – 10 things I’m grateful for in life.

Hope this month long blogging helped you in some way. I talked about my favorite things – mountains, books, and fashion. Let me know which post was your favorite from #blogtober.

Always up for book recommendations.

Wishing you love and light for the festive season ahead. Don’t burn crackers, don’t burn hearts, don’t break hearts! Bye and see you soon!

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Blogtober Day 30: 5 Books that’ll definitely make you cry

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Hello y’all! It’s Day 30 of #blogtober and let’s end (almost) this journey with a teary eye. Yes quite literally this time!

For times when books give your heart that slight tug, for times when you think the book will emotionally break you but you feel stronger after sobbing – the best feelings for a bookworm.

books to make you cry
Hi-Fi to all those 4am booknerds.
Source – prettybooks.tumlr

If you’re looking for cry worthy books, all in good sense, then check these top 5 recommendations.

1. Holding Up the Universe – by Jennifer Niven

The story of two broken, battered people looking to find sense in life. Libby was America’s fattest teen and struggling with her body and weight. Jack has prosopagnosia – the inability to identify faces. The friendship and romance between Jack and Libby is vivid and so emotional.

popular cry worthy books
This one gets a definite spot in my fav reads of 2018.
Image Source – sprinkleandbooks

The character development throughout the story is so good, you can feel their raw emotions. The book talks about grief, body shaming, death, and body positivity in such a heartwrenching and beautiful manner.

2. Aristotle and Dante Discovers the Secrets of the Universe – by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Benjamin Alire Saenz is one of my current favorite authors. I’ve devoured both his books and am looking forward to a re-reading them.

Aristotle and Dante Discovers the Secrets of the Universe is an LGBTQ story of boy-boy friendship. And before you stereotype it like any other gay YA romance, let me tell you this one is a lot deeper and emotional than you expect. It traces two boys, their family dynamics, and how they find not just themselves but also each other’s friendship and love throughout the book. The lush lyrical writing and the emotional feel is so good. I’ve recommended it to so many friends and they’ve all loved it.

books guaranteed to make your cry
This one has a piece of my heart. I lobe it so much!!

3. Marley and Me – by John Grogan

A book has doggies – I’m sold at that. Marley and Me is an awwdorable story of Marley, a naughty Labrador. It’s beautiful, heartwarming, and super emotional. Reading it as a pet parent was so relatable, but then some things didn’t go as smoothly and it was all snort and ugly tears!

I remember bawling my eyes and heart out; hugging Romeo and then crying some more after reading Marley and Me. Also watch the movie, if you have extra tissues!!

books that will make you cry
For all you doggie lovers!
Image Source – poshmark

4. When Breath Becomes Air – by Paul Kalanithi 

I don’t remember crying in any book as much as I did in this! This is an autobiography of a doctor who’s battling stage IV metastatic lung cancer. That transition from a doctor to a patient, that hospital feel, needles and pain, it was all so relatable at a personal level. My dad suffered from cancer and reading someone else describing that pain and helplessness was so emotional.

Special warning for reading the Epilogue. Trust me if this doesn’t break you, you’ve nailed emotional zen in life!

popular cry worthy books
I couldn’t function after reading the Epilogue, that’s how powerful it is.
Image Source – adventures of yoo

5. Handle with Care – Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is known for her emotional writing. This was one of the first books I ready by her, and it still resonates that catharsis. The story is about a young girl, Willow, who has Type III Osteogenesis imperfect (brittle bone disease). For Willow’s parents life is a constant struggle – caring for Willow, mounting hospital bills.

YA books to make you cry
PMSing it right!

On a trip an unfortunate accident happens, and the family files a wrongful birth lawsuit on the doctor who’s a close friend of Willow’s parents. It’s an emotional story of a family as they see their daughter fight for life every step, while the parents try to understand what’s right and wrong, and just how to survive!

If you have a cry worthy book recommendation, do share it in the comments below. And come back tomorrow for the last day of #blogtober. See you!

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Blogtober Day 29: October Favorites

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Hi everyone! Welcome to day 29 of #blogtober. The month is ending, and you know at this time of the month it is – Favorites Time. So without delay, let’s start.

affordable skincare in India
Time for monthly favorites

Here are my October Favorites

1.Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Quartet Eyeshadow

4 beautiful shadows in 1 palette, perfect mix of shimmers and mattes! The texture is smooth and silky. And the good thing is that there’s just a hint of shimmer, not that gritty chunks of glitter.  It comes in 4 shades. I have the Desert Rose palette.

October favorites
Look at these gorgeous neutral colors.

It is highly pigmented and the color pay off is also good. Comes in a travel friendly packaging. The warm neutrals are perfect to create different looks this festive and wedding season. The golden shade can also double up as a beautiful highlighter.

Lakme eye shadow quartet
Budget friendly and great quality!

Price – 650/- for 7g

2. Nivea Shower Gel

Hands down my favorite fragrance in a shower gel – Nivea Frangipani & Oil shower gel is so good. It has an uplifting tropical scent to remind you of sun, beaches, and pina coladas. The oil pearls leave your skin feeling soft and supple. The fragrance is amazing. It doesn’t strip off the moisture from your skin and the fragrance lingers on which are both big plus!

monthly favorites
The best part about this shower gel – fragrance lingers on

Price – 195/- for 250ml

3. The Body Shop Strawberry Clearly Glossing Conditioner

There’s no such thing as too much strawberry. TBS Strawberry Conditioner is great to deeply condition your hair. Comes in a thick creamy consistency and you just need a tiny amount, which means its value for money. It makes hair smooth and super soft, although didn’t do much for the frizz. You can use it in combination with TBS Strawberry Shampoo as well.

TBS Strawberry conditioner
Smells Divine!
Image Source – paletilla

It is 100% vegan, free from silicones and is enriched with the goodness of Italian strawberries and community fair trade aloe vera from Mexico.

Price – 645/- for 250ml

4. Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

If you’re looking for a good quality micellar water that does the job and is affordable, then do try the Garnier Micellar Water. This one is an all-in-one cleanser and make-up remover. You don’t need to rub or struggle to get the make-up off. It comes off in a couple of swipes. Works well for face, eyes, and lips.

best make-up remover in India
Make-up off in one swipe with Garnier Micellar Water.
Image Source – beautynesia

The best part is that even though it is oil infused, there is no greasy residue left. You can simply apply toner after removing your make-up and it wont clog your pores.

Price – 225/- for 125ml

5. Kara Cleansing and Refreshing Wipes

Cannot have enough wipes. These ones are enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like neem, aloe, cucumber, lavender, tea tree and are great to use on the go. Gentle on the skin and refreshing. It is great to wipe your face and get rid of oiliness and sweat. It doesn’t feel sticky and does not dry the skin.

Kara skincare wipes
When you get great quality in budget, it becomes a double whammy.

Price – 48/- for 10 wipes

6. The Face Chop Hand Cream

With that slight nip in the air, you know it is time to switch things up for your skincare. Fall/winter means that your skin needs a lot more protection and moisturization. For people who have dry hands or flaky skin, a hand cream is your holy grail.

best hand creams in India
For hands as soft as flowers!

I particularly like The Face Shop Hand Creams. Have tried – Rose Water, Cherry Blossom, Snow Cotton, and Macadamia variants. They are intensely moisturizing, don’t make hands greasy or sticky, get absorbed instantly , and the fragrance lingers on – all that you need in a good hand cream.

the face shop hand cream
Love this fragrance – mild and relaxing.
Image Source – everything that matters

Price – 300/- for 30ml

7. The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner

The Vitamin E range is one of my favorite skincare ranges from The Body Shop. It’s been 3 months since I started using this hydrating toner and true to its name, its hydrating and moisturizing.

TBS vit e toner
Include a toner in your skincare routine to see a visible change in your skin.
Image Source – gogirl

If you’re someone who skips toning in your skincare routine thinking it’ll make your skin dry, try Vitamin E Hydrating toner by TBS. It has a gel like consistency, gets easily absorbed into the skin leaving it supple and soft. Follow it up with Vitamin E night cream or Day cream for enhanced results.

Price – 625/- for 200ml

Also have a look at my Body Shop favorites before you leave!

And don’t forget to come back tomorrow; we’re almost at the end of this amazing blogging journey. Bye! Have a great week ahead.


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Blogtober Day 28: Mcleodganj Diaries part – II

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Hello y’all. Its Day 28 and just three more days left to #blogtober. Enjoying a sunkissed lazy Sunday before the hustle of a new week begins.

My talent includes – finding cute cafes, befriending doggies, and pondering over life.

Last Sunday this time I was in the mighty mountains. A week back into the life, but the vacay hangover refuses to fade away.  Mcleodganj has a special place in my heart, and this birthday made it all the more memorable.

Shiva Cafe
You’ll be dead trekking. But this view and the vibe is so worth it.
Shiva Cafe Mcleodganj
Tea breaks like these!
On the way to Shiva Cafe

For my birthday this year I thought I’ll celebrate it at Paa’s favorite mountain destination – Manali. Efficiently we planned and booked well in advance. But due to the recent floods, the plan got cancelled. His second favorite place was Mcleodganj, and that’s how birthday in the mountains came to life.

Mcleodganj monastery
That chanting just gives you goosebumps. So peaceful.   
places to visit in Mcleodganj
Half the trip spent crying, the other half in admiration.
Birthday Ready!
best cafes in Mcleodganj
Luna had my heart melting.  
Illiterati cafe mcleodganj
Love and other perishable drugs.  
Fluffy doggiees, the mountains, and me – perfect love triangle.  
best places in Mcleodganj
Totally insta worthy! 

Have a look at part – I of my whimsy trip.

Let me know if this has inspired you to visit this cutesy destination. And if you’ve visited Mcleodganj, what’s your favorite place to chill. I’ll see you tomorrow! Bye..

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Blogtober Day 27: Top 7 Book to Movie Adaptations

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Hi y’all! Welcome to the last weekend posts of #blogtober. And Happy Karvachauth ladies.

After a day of fasting,  a stay in Saturday night with chilling and movie marathon, sounds a good idea. For all you movie buffs and booknerds, I got something special today – books to movies that you’ll love.

YA books into movies
They say never judge a book by its movie. But these book to movie adaptations are really great.

7 book to movie adaptations that you’ll love

1. Me Before You

If there’s one love story you want to read, then watch, sob, and get all the feels, Me Before You is the perfect pick. I’ve lost count for the number of times I cried while reading and watching the movie. It’s super cute, emotional, and so romantic. The chemistry between Emilia Clark and Sam Claflin is sizzling. You need to watch this on those shitty PMSing days to make life better.

books made into movies
Cuddle up with bae and have the perfect romantic movie night with Me Before You.

2. Room

The story of a mother-son duo that are held captive in a room. The story of their escape and the story of courage and hope, Room is such a deeply moving book to movie adaptation. If you haven’t read it or seen it, I highly recommend it. But don’t blame me if it leaves a void in your heart. I cried re-watching the trailer, so you can imagine. Brie Larson as the mother and the little boy Jacob Tremblay are beyond exceptional.

best book to movie adaptations
Falling short of words to describe how good this is!

3. One Day

For all you romantic buffs, One Day reminds you of old school charm. Both the book and the movie have that vintage vibe! I have to admit that I was a tad bit biased towards the movie. The story traces Dexter (Jim Strugess) and Emma (Anne Hathway) who decide to meet every year on 15th July and see where their life is heading. Spread over 18 years the story is funny and emotional in a seamless way. Watch this with bae tonight and let the romance soar.

movies based on books
Is there any way you cannot like Anne Hathway?

4. 7 Years in Tibet

It is based on Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer’s life experiences in Tibet during World War II. How he escapes Chinese prison and reaches the holy city of Lhasa where he’s employed as an instructor for 14th Dalai Lama. Soon their bond kindles and they become friends and close confidants. Watch this for the brilliance of the story, visuals, and of course Brad Pitt.

classic books to movies
Story so enticing, and Brad Pitt so convincing.

5. The Girl on the Train

Based on Paula Hawkins bestselling psychological thriller, the story traces an alcoholic woman who somehow becomes involved in a missing persons investigation. Things take a turn and become messier with each turn. Emily Blunt in the lead role is so convincing, loved her.

I can clearly say that the movie as better. The intensity, that chill, and psychological thriller feel was kept crisp in the movie.

best books to movies 2017
In the mood for a twisted psychological thriller? Watch this.

6. If I Stay

If I Stay is the first book in a duology and is followed by Where She Went by Galye Forman. The book to movie adaptation of If I Stay is phenomenal. The drama and tension of the story comes alive in the film and is so enjoyable.

The story is about Mia, who meets with an accident. Although she slips into coma, she has an out-of-body experience wherein she sees life differently and has to make a life altering choice!

books made into movies
Get ready for a sob fest while watching/ reading If I Stay.

7. The Silence of the Lambs

The movie is based on the novel ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ by Thomas Harris. The story traces Clarice Starling, a young FBI trainee who seeks help of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, an extraordinaire psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer to help find another serial killer.

It is creepy, horrific, and gut wrenching. Read it to get the feels and see it for a visual treat that Anthony Hopkins is!

book to movie adaptations
Best way to describe this – creepy af.

If you’ve read and seen any of these, let me know what you thought of these book to movie adaptations. Also please share your recommendations! I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

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Blogtober Day 26: 5 Useful Diwali Gifting Ideas

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Hii! Warm welcome to day 26 of #blogtober.

Diwali is just round the corner, and while we all love the dressing up, meeting friends and family, eating delish sweets, and festivities, the one thing that most of us dread is deciding upon Diwali gifts.

best diwali gift ideas
This Diwali give a thoughtful and useful gift.
Image Source – LBB

Gone are the times when you could recycle gifts and give boring mithai boxes as Diwali gifts. This Diwali get creative and gift something useful and practical. Something that’ll make the other person genuinely happy and they can use it in their day to day life.

So here are 5 practical Diwali gifting ideas

1.Health Hamper

Let go of the unhealthy mithai and snack packs this Diwali. Instead you can curate a special health hamper for your loved ones. Homemade cookies, nuts and seed mix, quinoa crackers, kale chips, herbal tea, makhanas, protein bars, etc. there is plenty to choose from. Pack an assortment of items in a beautiful basket, or pick a hamper online.

diwali gift ideas for friends
Say no to those boring gift packs. Choose health hampers instead.
Image Source – jempsons

You can also gift tea hampers or coffee gift baskets. Customize a hamper with different kinds of roasts and teas, and trust me it’ll be a cherished Diwali gift. So this season gift the goodness of health and wellness.

budget diwali gift ideas
You take the coffee and see how conversations begin!
Image Source – Blue Tokai Coffeee

2. Fragrance 

A luxury fragrance is something is a foolproof way to impress anyone! You can pick one as per your budget and it’ll make for a perfect Diwali gift. And if you know the person is a huge fan of a particular fragrance, you can also gift a fragrance set!

Diwali gifts for family
Heartwarming gifts like these!
Image Source – D for Delhi
diwali gifting ideas
Fragrance gift set is always a good idea!
Image Source –

3. Organization Kits

Space is always a constraint in our modern homes. And what better way than to gift someone a chic organization kit to make their vanity look super classy. Brush holders, organization trays, jewelry boxes…the list is endless.

Amara Accessories is a Noida based brand that has a huge variety of amazing organization kits. From brush holders to bath sets, marble finish trays to stunning jewelry boxes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Great quality and amazing service, do check them out and get your Diwali gifts sorted. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

best Diwali gift ideas
Keep your perfumes tidily stacked courtesy Amara Accessories.
Diwali gifts for friends
How stunning will this look on your vanity!

4. Memberships

Gifting memberships, be it Netflix subscription for your beloved bestie, gym membership for your fitness freak cousin, or bookstore/library membership for your nerdy sibling, is such a great and useful idea.

Diwali gift ideas
For all your coffee lover friends, this can be a great gift!
Image Source – grantonworld

You can also gift your family and friends subscription boxes, there are so many options to choose from – beauty, health, tea, snacks, books etc.  Gifting membership cards is also a great option, something like Body Shop, Forest Essentials, Lifestyle, or PVR membership.

Diwali gifts online
A gift card gives the freedom of choice and makes such a useful gift!
Image Source – beautynewsindia

5. Beauty/ Skincare Gift Boxes

The festive season means lots of parties to attend, and sometimes amidst all the fun and celebrations, you might not get the time to visit the salon. Gifting your loved ones a beauty or skincare hamper will be an ideal Diwali gift.

best Diwali gifts 2018
All the goodness, packed with love 🙂
Image Source – jhilmilsaha

You can customize one as per the person’s choices and skincare needs, or pick a readymade gift box. There are many available online from brands like The Body Shop, Kama Ayurveda, Forest Essentials, Bath and Body Works, Biotique, Clinique etc.

Diwali gift ideas
You’re spoilt for choices when it comes to gift hampers.
Image Source – amazon

Hope these Diwali gift ideas help you choose better this year! And wishing you a happy festive season ahead.

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Blogtober Day 25: Diwali Outfit Ideas

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Hi! Welcome to day 25 of #blogtober. We’re almost coming to the end of this month long journey!

With the festivity buzzing, I had to do an outfit post. It’s that time of the year when dressing up becomes a lot more fun. You can rock that desi avtar at Diwali parties, card parties, and family dinners.

Diwali outfit ideas
Warm tones of mustard, ochre, and yellow, are the pick of the season.
Source – Anita Dongre

6 Amazing Festive Outfit Ideas 

1.Lehnga Love

For all you shebang lovers, this festive season look stunning in a light and wearable lehnga. It isn’t your wedding so you can keep the fabric and design simple, like printed cotton, gota patti, or bandhni lehnga. They’re perfect for a new bride or for someone who loves lehngas and needs a reason to twirl!

Diwali outfit ideas 2018
Wear lehnga – Instagram – Repeat 🙂
Source – perniaspopuopshop
what to wear for Diwali party
Want to wear a lehnga, without all the fuss? Try a cotton lehnga choli!
Source – Jaypore

2. Sharara – Sharara

The hottest trend is sharara set. Wear it for card parties or a family get together and you’ll surely make heads turn. Go for a heavy gota patti sharara with simple jewelry and jutties, or team up a cotton sharara with silver jewelry for that boho look.

Diwali outfit ideas
Such a bright pop of sunshine!
Source – Ogaan
festive outfit ideas 2018
Simple yet stylish, crushing on this sharara set!
Source – The Loom

3. Fusion Tadka

If you’re someone who likes fusion dressing, then this Diwali wear something indo-western! Team up a basic crop top with brocade pants for a modern vibe or go a tad bit desi with a cape and dhoti pants. For a chic crisper look, pair a heavy skirt with a basic white shirt and statement neckpiece and you’re ready for Diwali party.

best festive outfits
As sexy as it can be! This pant saree is goals!
Source – payal khandwala
what to wear for card party
Totally Boomerang Worthy!
Source – fashionone

4. Swirling Skirts

How about ditching your pants? Don’t get me wrong, I meant slip out of pants and put on a skirt. There isn’t anything more comfortable and elegant than a skirt. Pair your favorite skirt with a jacket kurta for a puja, with a bralette and a net dupatta for friend’s Diwali party, or with a boxy top for a more formal look.

Diwali party dressing ideas
This look can totally pass for indo-western as well!
Source – payal khandwala
what to wear on Diwali
Skirts and capes, a match made in heaven.
Source – perniaspopupshop

5. Quintessential Saree

Can any festive outfit post be complete if we don’t mention saree. Experiment with something new this festive season. Try pant saree or ruffle saree (so much in trend).

how to dress up for Diwali
If you havent fallen in love with ruffle saree, now is the time to experiment.
Source – tikli

And if you think these are too OTT for you, wear your trusted cotton printed saree. Ajrakh, Dabu, bandhni, there are so many traditional forms! Have fun with quirky prints or go bold with print on print with your saree and blouse.

Diwali outfit ideas
Quirky is the new sexy.
Source – cbazaar

6. Suit Suit Karda

Tenu suit suit karda!!! Play it simple with a palazzo suit set. Ever so stylish and classy. For days when you want to look put together yet don’t know what to pick, a palazzo suit set is the best bet. You can amp up the look with heavy jewelry and heels, or go subtle with jutties and light jewelry.

Indian Diwali outfits
Ditch the reds and pinks and look stunning in black this festive season.
Source – The Loom

Gota patti, leheriya, indigo dabu, kalamkari, chanderi… the list is so long. Choose a light breathable fabric for maximum comfort and add drama with dupatta, jewelry, or your make-up.

festive outfit ideas 2018
You can never go wrong with bright pink, so festive and pretty.
Source – The Loom

Go all out and experiment with your look. Hope you like these Diwali outfit ideas and these will make your Diwali a lot brighter.

See you tomorrow with yet another interesting post! Bye….

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Blogtober Day 24: 5 ways to read more books

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Hello beautiful people! Hope you’re following my #blogtober journey. Today is day 24 and I’m super pumped about this post.

A lot of times people ask me how do you read so much, how do you find the time to read etc. Although sometimes it is difficult to read leisurely at a stretch, I make sure to squeeze in some reading time every day, and that’s what I’m sharing today.

how to read more books
Reading is my superpower!
Source – gypsypetal

5 ways to read more books

1.Read e-books

Is it just me or do you also feel that reading e-books is a tad bit faster? Whenever I’m reading on my kindle, I’m likely to finish the book much faster.

Many people say that the fun of reading is when you feel the pages, but trust me once you get hooked onto your kindle, it’ll be so much fun. E-book readers give you time estimated to complete the book and a particular chapter, which is motivation enough to keep reading.

how to read more books
Love reading on my Kindle!

2. Read a genre that you like

Like we all have a personality type, we also have a reading type. Whether its fantasy, thrillers, non-fiction, or YA romance, find a genre that’s close to your heart and find pleasure in reading that. When you read books of the genre that you like, it’s likely that you’ll read faster and a lot more.

how to read more often
Booknerd for life!

3. Start with short stories

If you’re a beginner and want to amp up your reading, try reading shorter books or short stories. This encourages you to keep reading and it will help you to read more books. Pick a poetry collection, anthologies, graphic novels, mangas, or essay collection.

Also if you’re a reader with short attention span, then short stories and short books will be enjoyable for you.

tips to read more
Get more reading with poetry, short stories, or essay collections

4. Try Audiobooks

This isn’t physical reading, but it does count. Having audio books as your companions is a great pastime. You can listen to them while traveling, driving, or just doing household chores. I recommend begin with something light that doesn’t need a lot of attention. Audio books are a great way to get some significant reading done in your packed schedule.

ways to read more books
Audio books are a great way to get reading done!
Source – onceuponapage

5. DNF a book

Don’t be afraid to DNF (did not finish) a book. For the longest time I was someone who couldn’t do this. But this year my reading goals included DNFing a book that didn’t interest me. Give it a try and if you don’t like the plot, character development, or the feel of the book, put it down. There are so many other books awaiting in the world, so go and enjoyyy!

how to read more books
This one didn’t strike a chord so added to DNF pile.

Try these tips and let me know if you find them helpful. Also let me know if you want some beginner friendly book recommendations. Happy reading, and come back tomorrow!

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Blogtober Day 23:Biotique Favorites

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Hello y’all. It’s Day 23 of #blogtober and today we talk skincare.

With the festive season here, it’s time to enjoy with friends and family a lot more. There’ll be lots of fun and festivity, but not to forget work stress, pollution, and eating junk. Amidst all this it becomes crucial to take care of your skin.

Biotique products
Shop for these amazing Biotique products this sale season.

Biotique is an affordable brand that promotes Ayurvedic products with the goodness of all natural ingredients. There’s so much to choose from as per your skin or hair type, skin problem, ingredient etc.
Here are my top 6 Biotiquue Favorites.

Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner

Such a great budget friendly toner! Also if you’ve still not included a toner in your skincare routine, now is the time to invest in one. I love how this one is light, non sticky, and deeply cleanses your pores.

Biotique toner
Try it and say goodbye to all your ‘pore’blems.

Price – 175/- for 120ml

Bio Aloe Vera Ultra Soothing Face Lotion

For the lazy ones who always forget to apply sunscreen, it is best to have a day cream enriched with SPF. Aloe Vera Ultra Soothing Face Lotion is a nice budget friendly option. It comes in a milky consistency, gets absorbed quickly without making your skin greasy. Best part is that it doesn’t have a strong fragrance and has aloe vera, the magical ingredient. Do give it a try!

Biotique aloe face lotion
Face lotion + sunscreen, perfect for lazy days.

Price – 290/- for 120ml 

Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

For days when you’ve had a tiring day or cried your heart out, the Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel is the perfect rescue agent. It’s cooling and soothing. Does give a relaxing sensation and you wake up less puffy eyes. I can’t say how effective it is for dark circles though.

biotique seaweed eye gel
When sleepless nights become a bane, this anti-fatigue gel is a boon.

But if you’re looking for a new cream, this is a good alternative. Hydrates and moisturizes pretty well.

Price – 199/- for 15gm

Bio Musk Root Hair Growth Treatment Pack

With the festive season right here, there’s so much to do that sometimes going for a hair spa isn’t possible. Pamper your hair at home with this Ayurvedic hair treatment pack. You need to add 2 -3 tbsp (depending on hair length) and mix it with egg or curd to make a smooth paste. Apply all over your hair, let it dry for 30 minutes, and then wash off with a shampoo. The fragrance is strong and does linger on even after shampoo.

biotique musk root hair mask review
For kaale ghane lambe baal!

You’ll notice a difference in your hair texture right from the first use. It makes them so soft and shiny, and does strengthen them. I noticed a decrease in hairfall. Definitely worth the money.

Price – 230/- for 230gm

Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub

This one is my mom’s favorite. I’m someone who instead of getting tanned, gets sun burnt. Mom has dry skin type and this tan removal scrub works wonders. Has a creamy consistency with tiny exfoliating beads. Gently removes tan without being harsh on your skin and doesn’t leave your skin dry or parched. You can use it once a week and it is suitable for all skin types.

biotique tan removal scrub
Gentle yet so effective – a big plus!

Price –199/- for 75gm

Bio Honey Refreshing Foaming Face Cleanser

A facial cleanser that’ll deeply cleanse your skin yet not strip off the moisture and make it dry! Comes in gel form so good for all skin types, has a mild refreshing fragrance, and lathers well which is a big yay! Follow it up with Bio Honey toner for added benefits.

Biotique face wash
Gentle and effective, perfect for all skin types.

Price – 199/- for 120ml

Hope you liked these recommendations. If you’ve tried any Biotique products and have a favorite, share it. And come back tomorrow to be a part of my #blogtober journey. Bye

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Blogtober Day 22: Mcleodganj Diaries part – I

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Hi y’all… Its week 4 of #blogtober!

Back in the hood after a sunkissed and amazing vacation in the mountains of Mcleodganj. So today I thought of sharing whimsy snippets and intensifying your Monday blues.

Much needed getaway to the mighty mountains.
Dalai Lama temple Mcleodganj
Side by side, or a step ahead, together on the path of life.
best places in Mcleodganj
Walked to the monastery with aunty! Small joys of being in the hills.
Found my reading nook!
Happiest in the hills…..
Lunch with a view, always a yaaayyy~
Delish food, sun soaking, mountain gazing, posing, chai drinking – that’s my perfect vacation itinerary
Craving mountain sunshine forever!
Illiterati Cafe Mcleodganj
Evening was spent with Luna! Sucha cutie 🙂
Ombre, balmy, and whimsy – I fall short of adjectives for this prettiness.

You know what’s the worst about vacations? Leaving the view. Wish I could fill up my bags and heart with crisp mountain breeze and sunshine, but then the excitement and longing to go back will vanish.

So here’s to 4 days of vacay and 4 months of throwback! Bye, have a great week ahead.

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