Blogtober Day 19: 20s – The decade of love and loss

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Hi everyone! Happy Dussera, and welcome to day 19 of #blogtober. As 20s come to an end, I’ve realized that this decade has been for love and loss.

Love has given me the strength to accept the loss. When I weigh the two, they seem to be equal. But then suddenly loss sinks and I understand that love always over powers.

Love and loss, both giving us strength for life.

20s has made me super strong, and I can vouch for it after losing most part of my family and my heart (Romeo). But it was their love then and now, that I and mumma are carrying on and giving life a tough fight.

Loss teaches you that when it all comes tumbling down, you need to sit there, wait, collect the pieces one by one – some might hurt, and start building the tower of hope again. I know it sounds whimsical, trust me it isn’t. There would be bad days, tears and snorts, heartache and headache, but it all passes. And what’s left are memories that always bring tears of longing and joy.

Happiest memories with my furball!

Collect those tears, drown in them once, build a bridge, and walk across to the other side. It’s always sunny and happy!

Hope the sun always shines on you and makes life bright and prosperous for you! Gotta go now! See you tomorrow

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