Blogtober Day 16: Move on in life with these 6 ways

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Hello! Welcome back to #blogtober and my second post.

The journey on the road of life is a mixed bag – smooth at times, satisfying at others, and sometimes a rather bumpy ride. The art of happy living lies in taking the rough with a smooth! All of us come across rough patches in life – emotional, physical, mental, or social. You have to be really strong to pull yourself out of these phases, whether all by yourself or with the help of others.

how to be positive and change your life
Moving on in life, one step at a time.

6 ways that work towards bringing positivity and moving on in life.

1.Maintain your calm

However tough or disturbing the situation may be, maintaining your calm is the first step to pull yourself together. As cliché as it may sound, try to follow your routine – personal and professional. Trust me, it goes a long way in bringing mental stability during the troubled times. Try being as normal as you possibly can with everyone around.

how to move on in life
Take a deep breath, sleep it over, this too shall pass.

2. Mediate and talk to yourself

Meditation, even if it’s for five minutes a day, will garner strength. Introspection or even loud talking to yourself will help you analyze the situation and list your priorities, thus, bringing a semblance of peace to you.

3. Interact with people

Talking your heart out with someone you trust is a great way to take the load off your heart. Even if its idle gossip or just a routine discussion about something as casual as shopping or Big Boss, works to make you feel happy. Something as simple as an evening out or coffee evening with friends is a great idea.

how to move on in life
Coffee and Scarbble kinda day!

4. Exercise

Feeling lethargic and fatigued is natural during tough times. Don’t fall in that trap, get your body moving and indulge in some exercise. You don’t need to do rigorous training, little exercise and stretching at home, climbing a flight of stairs a couple of times will do wonders.

If you’re an early riser, enjoy the morning breeze while walking and some yoga, for a healthy body and mind. I, at least found solace in this.

tips to move on in life
A walk in the hills, our version of vacay exercise.

5. Eat well

Nothing is as comforting as food. Cook it up or order in, serve it to yourself in fancy plates, and enjoy it. During times of despair we tend to not eat, but force yourself to eat. It’ll give you the strength to be brave and battle it all out.

how to stay positive
Believe in the superpower of food!

My comfort food is a bowl of soup, while Kritika’s is upma. Enjoying comfort food at home, or going to a fancy restaurant, it uplifts the soul and is a great way to feel good.

how to stay positive
Pajama Life!

6. Follow your passion

Yet another way to soothe yourself when the mind is restless! Follow your passion, and if you don’t have one, look for things that you always wanted to do –cooking, gardening, singing, mountaineering, music etc.

tips to move on life
Painting the world my way!

For me painting has been therapeutic, you choose your option. It’s such a stress buster and diverts your mind. Try it once, and you’ll surely enjoy it.

how to move on
Dreams do come true!

Hope these tips help you cope with loss and come out of grief in a positive and strong way. Let me know what you thought about it, and keep coming back for more in #blogtober journey. See you soon!

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Blogtober Day 12 : 5 easy instant dessert recipes

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Hi everyone! Finally my first post in #blogtober.

Come October and the festive season begins, and what’s a festive celebration sans delicious food. So here I am bringing you a few quick, easy to make, and delish dessert and mithai recipes to greet your guests and enjoy with your family.

easy mithai recipes
Try these easy mithai recipes at home

5 instant dessert recipes for festive season

1.Coconut Ladoos

Coconut makes an auspicious beginning for joyous occasions, and it is the main ingredient of the first recipe.

easy coconut ladoos recipe
Yummy coconut ladoos, so easy to make.
Image Source * sonisfood

Ingredients –

  • Powdered coconut – 250g
  • Condensed milk/ fresh cream – Half tin/ 1 small tetra pack
  • Powdered sugar – as per taste
  • Sherbets of different flavors – few drops
  • Silver wark (for decoration)

Method –

Take powdered coconut in a big bowl. Add condensed milk or fresh cream/ malai and powdered sugar. Mix well to turn into kneading consistency.

Add rose, khus, pineapple, mango sherbets for flavor (it also gives beautiful colors to the ladoos). Make into small balls. Decorate them with silver wark or coat them with desiccated coconut and serve these sweet delights!

2. Caramel Makhanas

Sweet indulgences during the festive season are more than welcome. And when you know its homemade and healthy, you don’t mind binging a tad bit extra.

caramel makhana recipe
Sweet yummnes…

Ingredients –

  • Foxnuts (makhanas) – 100g
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Ghee – 1tbsp
  • Cardamom powder – ½ tsp

Method –

Heat 1tbsp ghee in a deep kadhai. Add sugar and cardamom powder. Let the sugar melt over medium heat. Keep stirring till the sugar turns golden brown. Add roasted foxnuts and stir well. Serve when cool and crispy coated with caramelized sugar.

You can also caramelize popcorn in the same way.

3. Instant Kheer

Guests dropping in suddenly and you want to serve kheer? Gone are the days when grandmom took hours and hours to prepare delicious kheer. Try this instant kheer recipe and you’ll surely get lots of compliments for your amazing cooking.

best mithai recipes
Instant kheer for instant happiness!

Ingredients –

  • Milk – 1.5l
  • Rice – 1 cup
  • Khoya – 250g
  • Sugar – 1 ½ cup
  • Saffron – few strands
  • Cardamom powder – ½ tsp
  • Dry fruits of your choice

Method –

Boil rice in a cooker till its soft (you want thick khichdi like consistency). Add milk and let it come to a boil, add grated khoya. When khoya dissolves add sugar and keep stirring. Add saffron and cardamom powder and mix well. Remove from heat when you get required consistency. Garnish with dry fruits and serve hot or cold.

Serve kheer with a fruity twist – layer it with mango puree, cut strawberries, or sweetened pineapple! This is a great way to serve the same old dessert in a new style.

4. Day and Night

Giving your leftover mithai a novel touch with this super recipe! All you need are some ladoos, gulab jamun, and creativity.

Ingredients –

  • Boondi ladoos –500g
  • Gulab Jamun –500g
  • Almonds and pistachios – for garnishing

Method –

Break the ladoos and layer a bowl with this boondi. Put a few gulab jamuns on top of boondi. Repeat the layers once again. Top layer should be boondi. Sprinkle shredded almonds and pistachios. Heat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and your yummy unusual dessert is ready!

5. Roasted Makhanas

And after all this sweetness, just a hint of savory delight! Foxnuts are such a healthy snack option. You can munch on them without the guilt of extra calories.

makhana recipes
Guilt free snacking!

Ingredients –

  • Makhana – 100g
  • Ghee – 2tbsp
  • Salt – to taste
  • Mixed herbs and spices

Method –

Take makhanas in a bowl and sprinkle salt, chilli powder, black pepper, mixed herbs. Pour 1tbsp ghee over them and toss well. Try different flavors – Maggi masala, oregano, peri  peri, gunpowder, etc.

Heat a non-stick pan or a wok with 1 tbsp ghee. Roast the makhanas over medium heat until crunchy golden.

Do try these easy festive recipes at home and tell me which one did you like the most. Also let me know if you’d like easy snack recipes! See you soon.

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Blogtober Day 10: Hottest Wedding Trends for 2018

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Blogtober Day 10! Hope you’re all doing well.

The wedding and festive season is here and it’s time to prep up and make your special day all the more memorable. We’re all aware of changing trends in the fashion world, but do you know that even the wedding business’ runs of trends. Let’s run you through some of the most popular Indian wedding trends for 2018

best indian wedding trends
Accentuate your wedding festivities with these latest Indian wedding trends 2018

So here’s presenting the top 6 Indian wedding trends for 2018.

1.Artistic and Minimalistic Mehndi

A lot of millennial brides are opting for artistic and minimalistic bridal mehndi designs instead of the traditional designs. With the balance of contemporary designs and negative space there’s enough focus on other aspects of the bridal look.

indian wedding trends 2018
Go minimal this wedding season!
Image Source – shaadi saga

It’s a personal choice, but minimalistic designs look classy and chic. You could also get the wedding hashtag in your bridal henna and match it with all your bridesmaids.

bridal mehndi
Simple is the new sexy.
Image Source –

2. Hanging Floral Ceilings

If you’ve ever dreamt of a pinterest like wedding décor, then hanging floral ceiling and hanging floral elements are two things you cannot miss this wedding season. You can have them customized as per the overall décor theme.

indian wedding decor trends 2018
Grandeur and opulence at its best.
Image Source – indian wedding buzz

Highlight a specific part of the venue like – mandap, entrance, or the stage with floral ceiling and let there be other hanging floral elements all over to maintain balance.

latest indian wedding trends 2018
How cute is thissss!!
Image Source – dont pay full

3. Hues of Purples and Blues

Ultra violet is the Pantone Color of the year 2018. Falling in line with violets and purples, are deep burgundy and navy blue. The modern brides are opting for deeper shades for winter weddings.

hottest indian wedding trends 2018
Slayin’ it.
Image Source – Zarah

This wedding season take a break from the usual reds and pinks. Adorn a pretty dark blue lehnga for your cousin’s sangeet, or a beautiful purple saree gown for the cocktail night and make a supremely stylish statement.

current trends in indian wedding 2018
If Sabyasachi is doing it, you know its in vogue.
Image Source – Sabyasachi

4. Metallic Accents

Metallic accents in dull gold and rose gold are the rocking this wedding season. Be it your wedding card with gold detailing or table décor with rose gold and white flowers, metallic when done right adds a niche to the décor.

indian wedding decor 2018
Did someone say fairy tale wedding?
Image Source – inside wedding

Make sure you don’t go overboard with metallic mixed with glitter – that’s a big NO.

latest indian wedding trends
Subtle yet so stylish….
Image Source – Maharani weddings

5. Intimate Gatherings

Be it celebs or common people, having an intimate gathering has become the hottest wedding trend for 2018. Limited people who’ll genuinely enjoy and bless you, that’s what the modern day bride and groom are interested in.

latest wedding decor trends 2018
Whether its Italy or India, we’re in for intimate gatherings!
Image Source – indian wedding buzz

Gatherings with just family and close friends, whether that be a destination wedding or a normal wedding is one wedding trend that we should all support.

6. Bold motifs and accessories

Gone are the days when you went all matchy – matchy for weddings. Let one element of your outfit be the highlight – the color, statement jewelry piece, bold prints…the choice is yours.

indian wedding trends 2019
Crushing over this beauty!
Image Source – Manish Arora Jewelery

Bold Mughal style motifs, geometric prints, and quirky prints are in huge vogue. They give your ethnic wear a lot more character, so flaunt them with style.

indian wedding trends 2018
Bold prints on silk sarees give an edge to ethnic wear.
Image Source – tikli
latest indian wedding trends 2018
This bold choker is adding so much drama to the Sabyasachi bridal look.
Image Source – Sabyasachi brides

Make these trends a part of your big day and wedding festivities to add a lot more fun and glamour. Don’t forget to share this with a bride/ groom to be.

See you tomorrow.

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Blogtober Day 8: Top 5 Coastal Restaurants in Delhi

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Hello there and welcome to week 2 of #blogtober! If you’ve not followed #blogtober, it is my blogging journey where I post one blog a day, all of October.

Starting this week on a delicious note!. India’s vast coastline has bestowed some great gastronomical treats. From delicious sea food to spicy curries, comforting stews and Kerala style parothas, there’s a lot to relish.

best coastal restaurants in Delhi
Say yes to delishhh coastal cuisine!
Image Source –

Travelling to taste these authentic recipes will be a great experience, but then for times when we’re broke and want to have a treat right in our city, coastal restaurants to the rescue.

Top 5 Coastal Restaurants in Delhi

1.The Spice Route (Hotel Imperial)

Impeccable and majesti

c, that’s what you feel at the Spice Route. An array of Malaysian, Thai, Kerala, Sri Lankan, and Vietnamese dishes in a beautiful setting! The formal dining experience reminds you of that old world charm. The rustic Oriental décor takes you on a whimsical journey and of course the delicious food!

top coastal restaurants in Delhi
Ahhh! this amazing decor.
Image Source – truelocalz
The Spice Route, imperial
Mumma being matchy matchy 🙂

Celebrate a special occasion or a much needed dinner date with bae and rekindle the romance over good vibes and good food.

top coastal restaurants
Ignore the grainy picture, focus on the food instead!

Nearest Metro Station – Janpath

2. Coast Café at OGAAN

Delicious food, great ambiance, surreal vibe, and so Insta-worthy – Coast Café is the perfect date night or for that matter lunch date place. The menu is elaborate and has a wide array of coastal dishes. You can relish seafood, fluffly appams, Kerala style stews, and the coffee is delicious. Do try the tacos, sukka mutton, and calamari fish – they’re exceptional.

coastal food in Delhi
Click, share, repeat at Coast Cafe!
Image Source – LBB
best seafood coastal restaurants in Delhi
Majorly missing Coast Cafe. I need to go back soon.
Image Source – gnawmadic
Coast Cafe at Ogaan
These insta-worthy interiors will make your feed look super pretty!
Source –

Nearest Metro Station – Hauz Khas

3. Sanadige

Situated in Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, Sanadige offers a fine dining experience with exquisite seafood and Mangalorean dishes. If you’re in the mood to try authentic flavors from the coast, Sanadige is the place to be. You can try thalis or platters for a wholesome scrumptious meal. Try delicacies from the coast of Maharashtra, Goa, and Kerala. The soothing instrumental music, courteous staff, and delectable food makes it a great choice.

Sanadige Delhi
Enjoy a fulfilling thali and you can thank me later.
Image Source – curlytales
coastal restaurants for seafood in Delhi
Yummy in tummy at Sanadige!
Image Source – lbb

Must try – Butter pepper garlic prawns, Mangalorean mutton curry, Malabar fish curry, Appam

Nearest Metro Station – Jor Bagh

4. Café Lota

Next on the list of Top 5 coastal restaurants in Delhi is Café Lota. This one is situated in National Crafts Museum and is a favorite of many. Sunshine filtering through the artsy décor and delicious food to savor, what else can you ask for in life? Café Lota has a variety of delicacies from the coast and is prepared in an authentic way to keep the flavors and taste intact.

Cafe Lota Delhi
Make winter afternoons all the more balmy and enjoyable at Cafe Lota!
Image Source – border & fall
best coastal restaurants in Delhi
Kashmiri Kahwa, South Indian Filter Coffee, and Cheesecake 🙂

The laidback feel and great service make the whole dining experience all the more enjoyable. Do try their  Palak patta chaat, Mango prawn curry, Kathal ki Biryani, South Indian filter coffee, Warli mutton curry.

Nearest Metro Station – Pragati Maidan

5. Chateau de Pondichery

Previously known as Chateau, with a sunkissed Greek décor and amazing European dishes, the place got a desi makeover and now serves Chettinad and French cuisine. Dosai, appam, and spicy curries with crepes, French onion soup, and salads, it’s an international fusion. Have to admit that the menu is limited, but nonetheless, it’s a good option if you’re in the mood of quiet dining and drinking!

Chateau du Pondichery
Those French windows have my heart!
best coastal restaurants in Delhi
Have a great time tasting French and Chettinad cuisine.

Nearest Metro Station – Hauz Khas/ Saket

If you’re tempted enough to try any of these, lemme know. And also if you have a restaurant recommendation, comments section awaits you. Happy eating!


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Blogtober Day 4: Tips to manage anxiety and panic attacks

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Hi y’all. Hows it going? Today we’re going to talk about something that’s a tad bit serious, but very important!

Anxiety and stress have become constant companions in our fast paced urban lives. Being anxious once in a while or being stressed for a particular reason is acceptable, we’re all humans after all. But when things start slipping out of hand, you know it’s becoming a difficult situation.

anxiety management tips
Manage anxiety and panic attacks with these tips.
Source – open colleges

If you’re battling alone, then making small changes can help you fight panic attacks and anxiety.

Here are 5 effective ways to manage anxiety

  1. Take time out

A packed schedule with overwhelming deadlines forms the basis of anxiety. Try to manage your time effectively and do smart work instead of hard work sometimes. Take time out for yourself and trust me, those little breaks go a long way.Go for an evening out with your friends, gossip session with your mom, eating out at your favorite café, or just gifting yourself a small something.

Also saying ‘no’ to things around is perfectly okay when you’re feeling stressed.

how to cope with anxiety
Self care is most important, and most times we overlook it.
Source – mashable
2. Face your fears

Sometimes all you need is that one push to chase that dream. It’s difficult to it that first time, but then slowly things do fall in place. You have to help yourself. Falter, learn from your mistakes, and strike back harder.

3. Seek help and talk to someone

You can talk to a friend, your parents, or anyone close who you trust. Talking makes things a lot easier and you’ll get a new perspective.

Also if you’re feeling too jittery to talk to someone in person, then consider joining an online support group. Meeting people who understand what you’re going through and with similar experiences will make you feel connected.

tips to help with anxiety
Connect with people and you’ll feel a lot better.
Source – pinterest

4. Do something that you love

As cliché as it sounds, this tip works wonders. For me, when I’m anxious as hell I try to disconnect (which is rather difficult) and dive deep into my world of books. For some seeking solace in traveling is an answer while for others baking is therapeutic, you just need to find what’ll make your heart happy!

5. Lifestyle changes

Making healthy lifestyle choice is something that we all should opt for. (And guilty as charged, most of us don’t do it). But making a conscious effort in the direction is what matters.

dealing with anxiety
Health before wealth, always.
Source – beaumont street

Less caffeine, eat those greens, relax and deep breathe, meditate, exercise in whatever form you like, calm yourself with some music and light reading….and the list goes on. All these are simple ways to keep anxiety at bay, but if you think that you cannot control it, consider seeking medical help.

I know some days are glum and sad, but then other days are happier. Here’s hoping the gloom subsides and you’re blessed with positivity and sunshine. And remember, it’s just a panic attack, there are worse things in life that you’ve faced, so don’t lose hope.

tips to manage anxiety
Garnish with anxiety and serve a mess!
Source – the mighty

Share your anxiety management tips in the comments below! And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for #blogtober journey….

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Blogtober Day 1: Same Pinch

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Time for BLOGTOBER! I’m nervous, excited, and a bag of nerves, because this is too much commitment. But okay, let’s do this with all heart.

Starting the Blogtober series with something that’s very close to my heart! It’s my version of poetry/prose/ tiny tale, whatever you’d like to call it.

Beginning Blogtober with something special.
Source – expat woman

Same Pinch

Purani Dilli ki juttiyan aur Karachi ke khuse, same pinch

Eid ki hari lal choodiyan aur Diwali pe hatheli pe khili mehndi, same pinch

Shopping Eid ki ho ya Diwali ki, maza toh sabke saath hai.
Source – flickr

Shaadi ka laal joda aur walime ka laal sharara, same pinch

Jalebi ki mithas same pinch

Baaarish ka ehsaas same pinch

Kebabs ka woh swaad same pinch

Dil, dhadkan, aur zubaan, same pinch

Toh kyun faasle badhte ja rahe hain dilon aur deshon mein, inch dar inch…..

Sudarshan Pattnaik, sand artist at Puri beach (Odisha) brings to life many emotions.
Source- Beeena Sarwar

Hope you liked this small effort. Support me through my Blogtober journey, I’ll be posting everyday all through October.

Let me know your thoughts on ‘Same Pinch’ and also drop in your post suggestions! Ciao….

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5 must try Pan Asian restaurants in Delhi

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Sushi and Sangria is always a good idea!

For that matter a bowl of hearty Thukpa is also not a bad idea!

Best places for Sushi in Delhi
Always up for sushi and sangria date!

Have you guessed that I’m craving Asian cuisine! Chinese, Thai, or Burmese, I’m always up for them. The blend of flavors, distinct aroma of spices, and of course the variety of sea food! There is something so comforting about Asian cuisine.

Top Chinese restaurants in Delhi
That happiness when your friend says, ‘Let’s go out for Sushi Date’….

Taking you through my favorite 5 Asian cuisine restaurants in Delhi. If you see a pattern of sushi, sangria, and prawns, then you know it’s my love for seafood speaking.

Top 5 Oriental Restaurants in Delhi you must try 

1.The Fatty Bao

One of my recent finds, The Fatty Bao has become a favorite for all the right reasons. Delicious food, courteous service, amazing ambiance, full bar, and outdoor seating. If you want to try ramen bowls and delicious sushi, Fatty Bao is the place to be. From duck to scallops, prawns to oysters and crab, it is meat lovers paradise.

The Fatty Bao Delhi
Sunday brunch done right with Duck Bao and Rose Sangria!
best Japanese food in Delhi
Now that’s what my comfort food looks like – Ramen Bowl.

My favorites – Rose Sangria, Duck Bao, Chasu Ramen, California Roll, Spicy Chicken Salad

Location – RK Puram

2. Berco’s

The eternal favorite had to be on the list. Nothing like a happy hearty bowl of soup or the delicious Chilli chicken with fruit beer at Bercos. The good thing about Berco’s is that you get the perfect mix of dishes. You can try the evergreen classic ones, or try something new from their ‘Meal for One’ or Thai Delicacies section.

Berco's Delhi
Simple joys of life – chicken and rice.
Source – Swiggy
Khao Suey in Delhi
Mumma’s favorite – Chicken Khao Suey!

My favorites – Chicken Thukpa, Kung Pao Chicken, Rice & Noodles Shanghai Style, Khao Suey

Location – Multiple locations

3. Mamagoto

Next on the list is the cool and casual, Mamagoto. I’ve been here just once and clearly it stood out from a lot of other Asian restaurants I’ve been to. The staff is friendly and courteous, helps you pick the right dishes.

Mamagoto Delhi
The hipster ambiance of Mamagoto indeed adds to the dining experience.
Source – justdial
Chinese restaurants in Khan market
Try the delicious Thai dishes at Mamagoto, You’ll not be disappointed.
Source – hungryforever

It is known for its Manga inspired Asian theme. The portions are quite generous and they have an interesting mix of pan Asian dishes.

My favorites – Traditional Crispy Lamb, Mama’s Calamari, Mamagoto Goreng

Location – Multiple Locations

4. Side Wok

Side Wok is my second favorite restaurant in Khan Market after The Big Chill Café. It is extra special because Paa also loved it!You get delicious sushi, on point service, and beautiful ambiance. You can chill with friends or enjoy a cozy dinner date with bae.

Side Wok Khan Market
Sushi Platter and Beijing Martini at Side Wok.Side Wok Khan Market
Chinese restaurants in Khan Market
Happiness is being at your favorite restaurant!
best Pan Asian restaurant in Delhi
The epic Pork Ribs! One of the best I’ve eaten in a long time.
PS – Thanks Aviii for this pretty picture.

My favorites – Spicy Tuna Roll, Spare Ribs (these are to die for! epic delicious), Mix Vegetables Panang style, Beijing Martini

Location – Multiple Locations

5. Chew – Pan Asian Café

Amazing place for great Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. So much variety, you’ll sure have difficulty choosing your favorite. The food is flavorful, portions are large enough, and the ambiance is very cool and laidback. The swing chairs and graffiti all over adds a happy vibe.

best Chinese restaurants in CP
It doesn’t get cuter than this!
Source –
Chew - pan asian cafe CP
Yum yum in tum tum!
Source – eazydiner

My favorites – Chew Style Chilli Chicken, Salmon Nigiri, Nasi Goreng, Darsan

Location – Connaught Place

Let me know how many of these have you tried? And do we have a favorite in common. Also if you have a favorite pan Asian restaurant, do leave it in the comments section.

Until next time, Sayonara!!

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Top 6 Pizza Places in Delhi

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Hello lovelies!!!

For a lot of us pizza is the ultimate bae and we are in a long term relation with it. Bacon or paneer tikka, garden fresh or pineapple, priorities are set! There is no denying the superpowers of pizza.

Smoke House Deli
That happiness when you get pizzaaaa!

I usually get this compliment ‘You always recommend such good places’. I thought of taking it a step further and sharing with y’all my favorite pizza places in Delhi.

Top 6 pizza places in Delhi

1.The Big Chill Café

Starting the list with my all time favorite! You can always find something amazing to relish at Big Chill, but their pizzas are my ultimate soul food. Classic pepperoni and Four Cheese pizza need a special mention. Thin crust, loaded with toppings, and oodles of cheese; what else can you ask for.

Big Chill Cafe
Cannot not have Big Chill on my list.
Source – ScoopWhoop
top pizza places in Delhi
So yummm!!!

Location – Khan Market, Noida, Saket

2. Cafeteria & Co.

For days when you’re broke yet want to feel happy eating out, Cafeteria & Co. comes to the rescue. Their pizzas are called Hexizas! And boy oh boy are they good!!! Loaded with toppings, you’ll surely have a tough time selecting one.

best pizza places for all budgets
Yumm Yum in Tum Tum….

On multiple occasions I’ve tried – Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Ultimate Chicken, and Pepperoni Overload hexizas; Ultimate Chicken being my favorite..

Cafeteria & Co
The perfect love triangle.

Can I cheat a little and give a special shoutout to their amazing burgers. Soft, moist, and full of meat, they make the perfect cheat meal.

Location – North Campus, South Campus

3. Smoke House Deli

Want to go for a swanky pizza date? Smoke House Deli makes the perfect choice. Its plush and classic décor is something that wins heart in the first look. Add to that the extensive menu that spoils you for choice.

best pizza places in Delhi
Pepperoni Pizza = Pure Love!

The pepperoni and bacon pizza is my all time favorite. Juicy and tender bacon, wafer thin crust, and the flavorful pepperoni.. ahh heaven on a plate.

best pizza places in south Delhi
Spaghetti Aglio Olio is delicious beyond words.

Location – Khan Market, CP, Saket, Vasant Kunj

4. Rose Café

A quaint little café tucked away in an alley, you wont believe how pretty Rose Café is until you visit it. A vintage British feel, succulent pizzas, and those sinful desserts, there isn’t a thing that you’ll not love about Rose Café.

Rose Cafe Saket
I got your date night sorted. Source – magicpin

Their special skinny pizzas are pure love. The Spicy Meatball, Greek Salad and Bacon pizzas are my epic favorites. Also a sneaky mention to the heavenly bacon tarts.

Top 5 places for pizza in Delhi NCR
How I wish all salad days looked like this. Source – TripAdvisor

Location – Saidulajab (Saket)

5. Diggin

If you know me, you’ll know how much I adore Diggin. Whimsy décor, delicious food, and happy vibes, you get it all at Diggin. And those fairy lights just make everything so much better.

Diggin Anand Lok
The world needs more fairy lights.

My two favorites are – Classic Pepperoni and Ham & Cheese. Clearly we see a pattern of pepperoni love here.

You cant buy happiness, but you can buy pizza.
top pizza places in Delhi
Me – ‘Wait let me click a picture’
Mom – ‘Teri photo k chakker mein pizza thanda ho jana hai’

Location – Anand Lok, Chanakyapuri

6. Café Turtle

Last but not the least is the vegetarian paradise – Café Turtle. That delicious Goat Cheese pizza still gets me drooling. The freshness from the rocket leaves, the melting goat cheese, and the crisp thin crust, all this with your favorite books and a view of Dilli from the cutesy terrace! Did I just describe your dream date?

budget friendly pizzas in Delhi
If vegetarian looks like this, I can skip the meat! Source –

Head to Café Turtle and enjoy this picture perfect setting. Also you might just find me hiding behind a book! #Foreverinkhanmarket

Location – Khan Market, Greater Kailash 1

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these places. And if you have a favorite pizza place, drop it in the comments below.

I’ll see you super soon with an exciting 2017 favorites series. Until then, happy eating….

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Photo Essay for Big Shot Finale at Club Mahindra Tungi

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Hi guys!

I’m back from a mini getaway in Tungi (near Lonavala) and the vacay hangover lingers on.

Club Mahindra has always been such a special part of our life. Paa’s last trip was to Club Mahindra, Jaisalmer. So now after a year and a half, when we got a chance to be at Club Mahindra Tungi for their Big Shot Finale, we were more than happy.

club Mahindra
Memories for life.

Our Big Shot Journey

After attending a valuable and informative photography workshop by the maestro photographer Radhakrishnan Chakyat, we headed out to explore the resort and take some beautiful pictures for our Photo Essay. The theme for the Photo Essay for Big Shot Finale was to weave a story and present it with 5 pictures.

So here’s the story that I weaved with a tonne of help from supermom!

Cheers to new beginnings, but paa will always be with us. 

club mahindra tungi
Always with us.

Papa’s two loves – Mercedes and Me.  No points for guessing who the first love was. 

weekend getaway from Mumbai

A train teaches us to go on….Mom continuing the journey of life. ‘Gaadi Bula Rahi Haai’!


Well what’s a holiday without some reading! I found my perfect reading nook and couldn’t be happier.

club mahindra photography

With or without him, we hope Club Mahindra is always a special part of our life. And we continue to cherish golden memories with their amazing vacations. 


All the participants had to present the story to the jury – Gul Panag and Radhakrishnan Sir. It was rather emotional to bring those emotions to words, but I think we managed it. And to our surprise we were awarded the 3rd position.

Big Shot Finale
Choking on emotions, while we present our story.
club mahindra tungi
All our efforts paid off!

Right from the journey to being at the resort, it was an overwhelming and heartwarming experience. Of course we missed our ‘Main Man’, but probably it was all his magic that worked and we could pull this off, just like we’re doing for life.

Thanks Paa for always looking upon us and being the magician that you are….


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11 Kitchen tips for easy cooking – Festive Edition

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Festival season – time to meet, greet, and eat (not that we don’t do it otherwise, but more so during this time of the year). Who doesn’t like delicious food being served? Tempting food definitely makes everyone feel welcome and adds that festive touch. Sharing with you a few easy kitchen tips that have helped me over the years to impress my guests.

kitchen tips for easy cooking
Impress your guests and have great parties with these easy kitchen tips. Source –

11 kitchen tips for easy cooking. 

  1. Keep your refrigerator well stocked (boiled potatoes, cottage cheese, chutneys and dips, heat and serve snacks, and ready to fry snacks).

2. Sabjiyon ka raja – potato, if boiled and stocked, will give you a number of options for quick snacks and main course.

Make cutlets, hash potatoes, add them to chat, bhel puri, use them in canapés, deep fry and sprinkle mixed herbs….. there are so many ways to use them. Use them readily for stuffed poori, poori bhaji, or simple jeera alloo.

easy kitchen tips
Served with love…
Source – hamarakhanacooking

3. Dahi vadas are a staple party recipe. Keep them ready and use them as snacks or with main course.

Want to make instant Dahi Bhalle? Cut bread in halves, dip in a thin paste of besan and deep fry. Soak in water, drain out excess water, and your vadas are ready to go in curd.

Dahi Bhalla
Nothing like melt in the mouth Dahi Bhallas.
Source – yelp

4. Unannounced visitors? Don’t worry! Make instant Rava Idlis with Eno. Serve them with coconut chutney or with gunpowder. You can even deep fry them and serve masala idlis. Trust me your guests will gobble them all up.

5. Keep marinated chicken in your fridge. You can bake it, shallow fry it, or even grill it and serve with your favorite dip.

6. How can a party be complete, if there is no Dal Makhani? Sudden need to make Dal Makhani and Urad dal not soaked? Use a mix of whole moong and masoor dals.

instant dal makhani
Dal Makhani – All Time Favorite!! Source – FoodNDTV

7. Make ice cubes with edible food colors added to water. It’s a visual treat to see these cubes melting in a drink. The kids will love you even more for this!

8. For instant Gajar ka Halwa, grate carrots and steam them in a pressure cooker for about 10 minutes. Add khoya or condensed milk, some nuts and delicious halwa is ready to serve.

gajar ka halwa
Gajar ka Halwa is indeed a royal treat.
Source – rumournews

9. Don’t we all enjoy traditional rasgullas and gulab jamuns? Use the leftover syrup to make Shahi Tukda. Fry some pieces of bread and dip in sugar syrup. Top it with condensed milk, garnish with nuts and serve to win hearts.

10. Simple boiled eggs become an attractive snack if served with chicken salami. Place halved boiled eggs in the middle and border the platter with salami for a different presentation.

11. Dessert with a difference – spread a layer of boondi in a bowl. Place small gulab jamuns on it and then add a layer of fresh cream. Repeat the layers. Garnish with some dry fruits and rose petals. This dessert will surely be the showstopper of your party.

kitchen tips for easy cooking
This is what happiness looks like….
Source – SpoonForkandFood

Hope these tips work well for you. Do let me know if you try any of these. I’ll see you soon.

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