Top 6 Pizza Places in Delhi

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Hello lovelies!!!

For a lot of us pizza is the ultimate bae and we are in a long term relation with it. Bacon or paneer tikka, garden fresh or pineapple, priorities are set! There is no denying the superpowers of pizza.

Smoke House Deli
That happiness when you get pizzaaaa!

I usually get this compliment ‘You always recommend such good places’. I thought of taking it a step further and sharing with y’all my favorite pizza places in Delhi.

Top 6 pizza places in Delhi

1.The Big Chill Café

Starting the list with my all time favorite! You can always find something amazing to relish at Big Chill, but their pizzas are my ultimate soul food. Classic pepperoni and Four Cheese pizza need a special mention. Thin crust, loaded with toppings, and oodles of cheese; what else can you ask for.

Big Chill Cafe
Cannot not have Big Chill on my list.
Source – ScoopWhoop
top pizza places in Delhi
So yummm!!!

Location – Khan Market, Noida, Saket

2. Cafeteria & Co.

For days when you’re broke yet want to feel happy eating out, Cafeteria & Co. comes to the rescue. Their pizzas are called Hexizas! And boy oh boy are they good!!! Loaded with toppings, you’ll surely have a tough time selecting one.

best pizza places for all budgets
Yumm Yum in Tum Tum….

On multiple occasions I’ve tried – Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Ultimate Chicken, and Pepperoni Overload hexizas; Ultimate Chicken being my favorite..

Cafeteria & Co
The perfect love triangle.

Can I cheat a little and give a special shoutout to their amazing burgers. Soft, moist, and full of meat, they make the perfect cheat meal.

Location – North Campus, South Campus

3. Smoke House Deli

Want to go for a swanky pizza date? Smoke House Deli makes the perfect choice. Its plush and classic décor is something that wins heart in the first look. Add to that the extensive menu that spoils you for choice.

best pizza places in Delhi
Pepperoni Pizza = Pure Love!

The pepperoni and bacon pizza is my all time favorite. Juicy and tender bacon, wafer thin crust, and the flavorful pepperoni.. ahh heaven on a plate.

best pizza places in south Delhi
Spaghetti Aglio Olio is delicious beyond words.

Location – Khan Market, CP, Saket, Vasant Kunj

4. Rose Café

A quaint little café tucked away in an alley, you wont believe how pretty Rose Café is until you visit it. A vintage British feel, succulent pizzas, and those sinful desserts, there isn’t a thing that you’ll not love about Rose Café.

Rose Cafe Saket
I got your date night sorted. Source – magicpin

Their special skinny pizzas are pure love. The Spicy Meatball, Greek Salad and Bacon pizzas are my epic favorites. Also a sneaky mention to the heavenly bacon tarts.

Top 5 places for pizza in Delhi NCR
How I wish all salad days looked like this. Source – TripAdvisor

Location – Saidulajab (Saket)

5. Diggin

If you know me, you’ll know how much I adore Diggin. Whimsy décor, delicious food, and happy vibes, you get it all at Diggin. And those fairy lights just make everything so much better.

Diggin Anand Lok
The world needs more fairy lights.

My two favorites are – Classic Pepperoni and Ham & Cheese. Clearly we see a pattern of pepperoni love here.

You cant buy happiness, but you can buy pizza.
top pizza places in Delhi
Me – ‘Wait let me click a picture’
Mom – ‘Teri photo k chakker mein pizza thanda ho jana hai’

Location – Anand Lok, Chanakyapuri

6. Café Turtle

Last but not the least is the vegetarian paradise – Café Turtle. That delicious Goat Cheese pizza still gets me drooling. The freshness from the rocket leaves, the melting goat cheese, and the crisp thin crust, all this with your favorite books and a view of Dilli from the cutesy terrace! Did I just describe your dream date?

budget friendly pizzas in Delhi
If vegetarian looks like this, I can skip the meat! Source –

Head to Café Turtle and enjoy this picture perfect setting. Also you might just find me hiding behind a book! #Foreverinkhanmarket

Location – Khan Market, Greater Kailash 1

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these places. And if you have a favorite pizza place, drop it in the comments below.

I’ll see you super soon with an exciting 2017 favorites series. Until then, happy eating….

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