Turkey Diaries – Istanbul Day 2

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Hello there!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I’m sitting at my desk, sipping chai, enjoying the rains, and sifting through Turkey photos and reliving all the memories. Sharing all the fun and madness we did on Day 2 in Istanbul.

Braving the cold, packed in woolens, we were ready to take on the day!

best places to visit in Istanbul
Let the adventure begin!

So we drove from the Europe side of Istanbul to the Asia side. Visited the beautiful Beylerbeyi Palace. This was the summer residence of the Ottomans and epitomizes grandeur and opulence.

Asia side of Istanbul
Coffee to the rescue!
Beylerbeyi palace istanbul
Hello from the palace!
budget Istanbul itinerary
Stunning architecture!
what to see in Istanbul
Picture perfect….
Istanbul itinerary
That’s the Bosphorus Bridge. And a stunning view from the Beylerbeyi Palace.

The best way to get back to Europe side is via a cruise over Bosphorus. You can choose different kinds, we chose the 2 hour cruise and it was so stunning. The chilled breeze, seagulls chasing us, and the beautiful views – it surely made honeymoon diaries a lot more memorable and instagramable!

Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul
The amazing Bosphorus Cruise!
best time to visit Istanbul
No filter happiness 🙂
best time to visit Istanbul
Always busy clicking the other side 😛

The people in Turkey are so warm and amicable. I met this uncle on the cruise. He was serving tea, and when I said thank you in Turkish he was so impressed that he offered me a free tea! People appreciate your efforts to speak even a few words in their language, and it’s such a heartwarming experience.

Bosphorus Cruise
Tesekkur Ederim! This means thank you in Turkish…

Lunch was at one of the many restaurants at Galata Bridge! They have an amzing selection of sea-food, Turkish delicacies, and meats.

Turkish food
Lunch is served – local bread, dips, kebabs, rice, and french fries 🙂

Post lunch we went to Spice Bazaar for some shopping. Bought Turkish delights and Baklava for friends and family, tasted lots of Pomegranate and Apple Tea (bought some as well), enjoyed roaming around in the bazaar, and of course made lots of Insta Stories!

Spice Bazaar Istanbul
Spice Bazaar scene!
shopping in Istanbul
Just in case you didn’t get your gift, you know who to catch hold of!
what to do in Istanbul
DDLJ vibes, minus Raj
best places to eat in Istanbul
A quick snack break – local bread with Nutella.
You have to try this at the street hawkers.

Spent the evening chillin’ in a local café with some delish coffee. SM enjoyed photography and shopping.

Turkey diaries
Very Europe like! Streetside cafes, strong coffee, and balmy evenings.
Turkish Tea
And of course, there’s never enough Turkish tea!
Baklava in Istanbul
Ended the day on a sweet note with lots of Baklava eating 🙂 

Hope you’re enjoying this virtual journey with me. Will see you soon with snippets from our next destination!

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Turkey Diaries – (Day 1) Love from Istanbul

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Hi everyone!

It’s been a month to the wedding and am slowly settling into the new life. I always do a monthly favorites post, but for March the best part was Turkey Honeymoon. It was such an amazing experience and I thought it would be a great idea to share my memories with y’all!

Istanbul itinerary
Let the madness begin with being extra cheesy!

So here’s the first of hopefully a couple more parts of Turkey Adventures. We were in Istanbul and Cappadocia, and both have their own unique charm.  Let’s begin with Day 1 in Istanbul.

best places to visit in Istanbul
Day 1 started with a visit to Blue Mosque. Braving the cold and hunger.
Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Here at Blue Mosque, one of Istanbul’s most famous structure.
Istanbul places to visit
It’s a huge mosque and the interiors are stunning.
budget itinerary for Istanbul
Exploring continues and the next stop was Topkapi Palace!
Istanbul places to see
Honeymooners have arrived!

Istanbul has something for everyone. Whether you’re a history geek, foodie, photography enthusiast, every corner is like a living museum. The people are so warm and welcoming, which totally adds to the overall travel experience.

Hagia Sophia Museum
Hagia Sophia – is steeped in history. It was a Greek Church, then was converted into an Ottoman Mosque. And today it is a museum. One of the most popular ones in Istanbul
St. Sophia Museum
Overcast sky and this stunning architecture – fell totally in love with Istanbul…

After a lot of sightseeing it was time for a scrumptious lunch. Turkish delicacies and local food is so delishh! Hummus, the local bread, fresh pomegranate juice and orange juice, lots and lots of variety of cheese, local rice, and the highlight is meat. I had so much beef, it was so yummy.

where to eat in Istanbul
Yum yum in tum tum….

Stuffed and happy after a great lunch, we were ready to explore the most iconic shopping destination of Istanbul – The Grand Bazaar.

With love from Istanbul.
Grand Bazaar Istanbul
Hello from Grand Bazaar – shopper’s paradise.
shopping in Istanbul
Carry extra bags because you’ll sure be shopping lots in Istanbul.

The best way to travel is to take public transport. Cabs are easily available all around the city. And if you stay around central Istanbul – near Taksim Square, or Spice Bazaar area, you can easily walk around. Make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, because most day tours would be walking tours.

Istanbul sightseeing
Each frame is wallpaper worthy!
Istanbul sightseeing
Istanbul places to visit
Happy travelers took the local metro!
cafes in Istanbul
When in Europe, coffee is the real fuel.
Discovering quaint little cafe’s in the neighborhood.


where to eat in Istanbul
Honeymoon dinner has to be special! Bacon Risotto and Sea Food Salad with a side of Sparkling Wine 🙂

Time runs so fast when you’re on vacation. Day 1 was fun and fulfilling.  Beautiful places, yummy food, lots of shopping – what else can you ask for!

Come back to see all the excitement that we did on the rest of the trip! See you soon. Tesheque Aderim (Thank You) in Turkish……

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