Blogtober Day 16: Move on in life with these 6 ways

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Hello! Welcome back to #blogtober and my second post.

The journey on the road of life is a mixed bag – smooth at times, satisfying at others, and sometimes a rather bumpy ride. The art of happy living lies in taking the rough with a smooth! All of us come across rough patches in life – emotional, physical, mental, or social. You have to be really strong to pull yourself out of these phases, whether all by yourself or with the help of others.

how to be positive and change your life
Moving on in life, one step at a time.

6 ways that work towards bringing positivity and moving on in life.

1.Maintain your calm

However tough or disturbing the situation may be, maintaining your calm is the first step to pull yourself together. As cliché as it may sound, try to follow your routine – personal and professional. Trust me, it goes a long way in bringing mental stability during the troubled times. Try being as normal as you possibly can with everyone around.

how to move on in life
Take a deep breath, sleep it over, this too shall pass.

2. Mediate and talk to yourself

Meditation, even if it’s for five minutes a day, will garner strength. Introspection or even loud talking to yourself will help you analyze the situation and list your priorities, thus, bringing a semblance of peace to you.

3. Interact with people

Talking your heart out with someone you trust is a great way to take the load off your heart. Even if its idle gossip or just a routine discussion about something as casual as shopping or Big Boss, works to make you feel happy. Something as simple as an evening out or coffee evening with friends is a great idea.

how to move on in life
Coffee and Scarbble kinda day!

4. Exercise

Feeling lethargic and fatigued is natural during tough times. Don’t fall in that trap, get your body moving and indulge in some exercise. You don’t need to do rigorous training, little exercise and stretching at home, climbing a flight of stairs a couple of times will do wonders.

If you’re an early riser, enjoy the morning breeze while walking and some yoga, for a healthy body and mind. I, at least found solace in this.

tips to move on in life
A walk in the hills, our version of vacay exercise.

5. Eat well

Nothing is as comforting as food. Cook it up or order in, serve it to yourself in fancy plates, and enjoy it. During times of despair we tend to not eat, but force yourself to eat. It’ll give you the strength to be brave and battle it all out.

how to stay positive
Believe in the superpower of food!

My comfort food is a bowl of soup, while Kritika’s is upma. Enjoying comfort food at home, or going to a fancy restaurant, it uplifts the soul and is a great way to feel good.

how to stay positive
Pajama Life!

6. Follow your passion

Yet another way to soothe yourself when the mind is restless! Follow your passion, and if you don’t have one, look for things that you always wanted to do –cooking, gardening, singing, mountaineering, music etc.

tips to move on life
Painting the world my way!

For me painting has been therapeutic, you choose your option. It’s such a stress buster and diverts your mind. Try it once, and you’ll surely enjoy it.

how to move on
Dreams do come true!

Hope these tips help you cope with loss and come out of grief in a positive and strong way. Let me know what you thought about it, and keep coming back for more in #blogtober journey. See you soon!

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