Blogmas II: 5 Winter Skincare must haves you cannot do without

winter skin care products
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Hi everyone! Welcome back to #blogmas

The temperature is going down and winter is here in full swing. That time of the year when fun and festivities are laden in the air. But, also that time of the year when your skin becomes ultra dry. Whatever be your skin type, winter means extra love and nourishment.

winter skin care products
You cannot miss these winter skincare must haves.
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Switch to an easy winter skincare routine and try these 5 winter skincare must haves.

Here are 5 winter skincare must haves

1.Body Butter

The thick body butter is perfect to slather up in winters and make your skin super soft. Choose one as per your skin type and give your skin extra nourishment and moisture. If you’re from the oily skin type and think body butter is too heavy a formulation for you, then try body yogurts or lotions.

winter skincare must haves
TBS body butters are great value for money and work wonders!
Source – the body shop

2. Lip Scrub

The harsh weather can make your lips dry and flaky. A lip balm will not be enough, you need extra hydration. A lip scrub is excellent to scrub off dead skin and leaves your lips soft and kissable.

winter skincare for oily skin
Tastes yumm and makes your lips so soft!

You can also make a lip scrub easily at home. Mix 1tsp olive oil + 2 tbsp sugar + few drops vanilla essence and there you have it, an easy peasy homemade lip scrub.

3. Hand cream

Our hands are always doing something and we tend to overlook them when it comes to moisturization. A hand cream is a winter skincare must have. Keep in your bag to apply it on the go and keep your hands soft and supple.

winter skincare routine
Vanilla mixed with hazelnut…aaah that delicious fragrance.
winter skin care products
My faav hand cream!
(This is the old packaging though)

4. Facial Oils

Facial oils are a boon for people with dry skin. They are packed with intense goodness of natural ingredients and can be used as an extra step in winters to lock in the moisture. You can use an oil-in-serum, or a facial oil targeting particular needs like pigmentation, dryness, or anti-ageing.

winter skincare for dry skin
Include a facial oil in your skincare routine and you’ll see difference.
Source – beattheboredom

Make sure you always do a patch test before using any new product.

5. Body Scrub

The cold harsh weather and hot water baths can make your skin dry and flaky. To get rid of dryness and dead skin, a body scrub is indeed a winter skincare must have. They’re available in so many variants! You can choose one with mild exfoliating granules if you have sensitive skin and a body scrub with oil is great for extra dry skin.

the body shop mango scrub
It smells more like peaches, but nonetheless moisturizes your skin pretty well.

If you have a winter skincare staple that you cannot do without, do share it in the comments below. And come back for many interesting posts on fashion, books, and beauty! Byeeee

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