Books I’m reading for Re-Readathon 2019

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Hello y’all!

After slacking through the first month of 2019, I’m super pumped to bring out new and fresh content. So today’s post is dedicated to Re-Readathon 2019.

re-readathon 2019
10 Books that I’m reading for Re-Readathon 2019.
Source – Pretty Doesome books

Re-reading books is totally my jam! I started this last year and thoroughly enjoyed. So thought of doing it in 2019 as well. Went through my messy bookshelves and read list on Goodreads, and have finalized these 10 books.

10 books I’m reading for Re-Readathon 2019

1.Wonder –R.J. Palacio

You always need something happy and heartwarming, and this suits it all. It’s a wonderful story of friendship and family and I cannot get back into it.

Re-Readathon 2019
Tilli and Wonder, restoring my faith in friendship.

2. Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

Have already read this for January. Was in the mood of an eerie thriller, and who better than Gillian Flynn. Highly recommend it! Although it is not for the faint hearted.

3. A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini

A re-readathon isn’t complete if I don’t read something by Khaled Hosseini. I love his writing and how it breaks your heart in a million pieces. So for 2019 it’s going to be A Thousand Splendid Suns (in all its glory).

a thousand splendid suns
Cannot wait to re-read this gem.
Source – joel b ntwatwa

4. I’ll Give You the Sun – Jandy Nelson

There’s always space for YA on my reading list. Read this back in 2016 and don’t remember anything. So 2019 is the year to re-read this amazing gem. I plan to listen to this one on audiobook, because have heard so many good things about it.

5. Devotion of Suspect X – Keigo Higashino

Years have gone by and I need the magic of a good Japanese thriller. So Devotion of Suspect X will surely be a part of re-readathon 2019.

popular Japanese fiction books
For all you thriller lovers, this is a must read.
Image Source – megsblogged

6. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

Lately I’ve been in the mood of historical fiction and what better than going back to your favorite. It’s been quite some I read this gem of a book, and I’d love to have my heart broken by The Book Thief this year!

7. Chronicles of a Death Foretold – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The first time I read this, I’ll be honest I didn’t understand it. So in 2019 I thought to make this one a part of the Re-Readathon and enjoy this amazing classic.

8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky

Have read the book and watched the movie, but it’s now time to re-read and get back in this world. Also it is such a short book, so great for a quick read.

perks of being a wallflower
A gem that deserves a re-read.

9. The Truth about Forever – Sarah Dessen

Don’t remember anything of this story, and have heard people rave about Sarah Dessen. So I though it is time to go back and give this one a re-read!

10. Paulo Coelho

I’m mentioning Paulo Coelho instead of the book, because I still have to decide which ones I’m re-reading this year. Will go with the flow and see what my heart desires. It should either be The Alchemist or The Zahir.

best books to re-read
You can never get enough of Paulo Coelho’s amazing writing.
Source – wheninmanila

Let me know what’s on your reading list for 2019. And if you’re re-reading any of your favorite books this year! See you soon!

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Top 7 thriller books that’ll keep you awake at night

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Hello y’all!

I always look forward to this time of the year. The crisp fragrant breeze and warm sunshine make the perfect setting for some eerie, spooky reads.

December is the best time to grow your stash of horror and thriller books. So complementing the continued Halloween feel, here are my recommendations.

best horror books
Hi-Fi to all those 4am booknerds.
Source – prettybooks.tumlr

7 Best Thrillers to keep you up all night

1. Before I go to Sleep – by SJ Watson

Before I go to Sleep is a story of Christine who after an accident cannot remember her past, she cannot even remember yesterday. In her search to find who she is she starts keeping a journal in which she writes every day before going to sleep. The story unfolds revealing a lot of hidden truths that will make Christine’s life more terrifying.

before i go to sleep
Will keep you awake and at the edge of your seat.
Source – the bibliomaniac book blog

The story is fresh, nothing like what I’ve read before. It does drag in some places which you don’t want in a thriller. But overall it is something that’ll keep you guessing till the end page.

2.  Sharp Objects – by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects has all the ingredients that a thriller should have – killings, psychos, tension and of course lots of blood being the highlight! It is a compelling read. If there is one word that describes this book – Disgusting (in the most perfect sense).

Reporter Camille Preaker returns to her hometown to cover murders of two preteen girls. She’s daunted by her own demons and past, yet must unravel the puzzling psychological killings.

Gillian Flynn books
The face you give the world tells the world how to treat you – Sharp Objects

I remember this one giving me the worst book hangover ever. It just holds you. You can’t do anything except think about how can something be so gruesomely captivating. After ‘Gone Girl’ my expectations were sky high and happy to say this exceeded them!

3. Salvation of a Saint – by Keigo Higashino

The story revolves around a husband and wife. Husband is killed due to arsenal poisoning, wife is the prime suspect but she was hundreds of miles away at the time of the murder. So who murdered him and how?

By the end of chapter 1 you’ll know who the murderer is. But it’ll take more than 300 pages to find out how the murder happened. It is indeed a page turner and the perfect pick for an all-nighter.

If you’re somebody who has never read Japanese literature and want to start, Salvation of a Saint is my recommendation.

best thriller books 2017
I’m a huge fan of Japanese thrillers and this is one of the most loved.

4. The Girl on the Train – by Paula Hawkins

Looking for a fast paced psychological thriller? This is what you should be picking. The story traces Rachel who travels by train every day and watches this one couple on their deck almost every day. She thinks she’s made a connection with them, until one day when she sees something shocking. She goes to the police, but soon is deeply tangled in the investigation and her life.

Love how it keeps on the edge and plays with your mind. It has all the elements of a thriller in place. It was also the winner for 2015 Goodreads Choice Awards in Mystery & Thriller Category.

thriller books to keep you up all night
How I love fast paced thrillers! Source – Thanks Mansi for this picture

5. And Then There Were None – by Agatha Christie

When talking about best thriller books, I cannot miss Agatha Christie. I thoroughly enjoyed And Then There Were None. So many characters, so much happening, but you still don’t lose the grip. It is classic Agatha Christie, thrill and adventure in right measures. It keeps you guessing and holds the suspense till the last page.

best thriller books
Agatha Christie never disappoints.

It is about these 10 people who are summoned to an island as weekend guests. The host is unknown to them all and is nowhere to be found. What’s common in these 10 people is their wicked past. One by one they fall prey and by the end of the weekend there will be none.

6. The Snowman – by Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo is a renowned name in Scandinavian literature. The premise is of a bone chilling thriller. It is set in Oslo during winters. A little boy Jonas, wakes up to find his mother missing. Out of the window he sees a snowman with his mother’s pink scarf draped on it. Police investigator Harry Hole starts the investigation and what follows is beyond words.

The Snowman Jo Nesbo
Keep a happy book ready, you’ll desperately need it after this one!

And now that I’m writing about the brilliance that Jo Nesbo puts out, I’m all charged up to add some of his other amazing books to my TBR. If you’ve read any Jo Nesbo that you enjoyed a lot, lemeeee know.

7. The Silence of the Lambs – by Thomas Harris

Like always, saving the best for the last. Absolutely love this one! Creepy, eerie, and quite horrifying, The Silence of the Lambs would be the perfect pick for this winter if you’re looking for some intense reading.

The premise is of a serial killer and a trainee investigator who’s looking into the case. But the worst part is that the only person who can help in the case is in the asylum, the much dreaded Hannibal Lecter. This book is equal parts gripping, dark and thrilling!

best thriller books
Two of my favorites – books and doggies.

Hope you enjoy these recommendations. And if you have a favorite thriller, the comments section is waiting for you.

I’ll see you super soon, bye!

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5 YA books you must add to your reading list – part III

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Hi there!

Hope you’re all good. After all the festivities and falling ill, it is now time to catch up on reading. Young Adult or YA as it is popularly known as, is my favorite genre of recent times. It is sweet like a cheesecake, sometimes intense like pie, but always so delectable and fluffy.

best YA books
You are the books you read.

Here’s presenting part III of my top 5 YA books.

1. Looking for Alaska (John Green)

John Green is best known for The Fault in Our Stars, but Looking for Alaska is a wonder that deserves more praise. He manages to capture the best of your emotions and how!

The story is about Miles, who bids goodbye to his inhibitions and goes to a new school. New friends, new life, and new adventures await him. And down the hall is Alaska young – gorgeous, clever, self destructive, and screwed up. She pulls Miles into her world of friends, steals his heart, and then everything is changed. Its deeply emotional and has the perfect dose of YA feels.

Looking for Alaska
If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.

2. The Sky is Everywhere (Jandy Nelson)

This one is a story of love and loss. After Lennie’s sister Bailey dies, she finds herself torn between two boys – Toby (Bailey’s boyfriend) and Joe (the new boy in town). Lennie is constantly battling to balance her heart and head.

It is heartbreaking, romantic, and warm all in the right amounts. The overall feel of the book is tragic, but I love the way hope triumphs over tragedy.

The Sky is Everywhere
The sky is everywhere. It begins at your feet 🙂

3. Love Like Crazy (Megan Squires)

Love  Like Crazy is a fuzzy warm YA read. Love, soul, happy vibes – everything is on point. Eppie and Lincoln are the main characters (and they come quite close to my Eleanor & Park benchmark of mush). It positive, happy, and romantic, but with an undercurrent of sadness.

best YA books
Love like crazy and you’ll know the power of love.

The story highlights how it’s okay to be broken and sad. Collecting broken pieces and making life beautiful, that’s what every character in the book teaches. The romance between Eppie and Lincoln is charming at a new level.

4. The Truth about Forever (Sarah Dessen)

This was my first Sarah Dessen read and I was quite impressed. Loved the writing style. The story is about Wes and Mac; both are on a break from their respective relationship, but find a new friendship and companion in each other. The story is somewhat clichéd, but the freshness in writing makes it worth a read.

5. Wonder (R. J. Palacio)

Saved my ultimate favorite for the last! Wonder is a story about a boy, Auggie with facial disability. After being home schooled for years, it is time for him to finally go to a proper school. It plays well with your emotions, one minute you’re laughing out loud and the next minute your heart melts.

The journey is about Auggie, the challenges he faces, the friends he makes, and the lessons he learns. It restored my faith in friendship. Wonder is ‘feel good at its best’.

Wonder RJ Palacio
Its not enough to be friendly. You have to be a friend.

You can also read part I and part II for some other amazing YA recommendations. And if you have a favorite YA recommendation, do share it with me in the comments below.

Until next time, happy reading!!


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Fall/Winter TBR

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Welcome back. With the start of the new month, new energies are flowing. Starting the birthday month with a bookish post!

Technically it is fall all over the world. Although Delhi is still considerably hot, but let’s pretend that we have pretty autumn leaves all over. During this season I gravitate towards some serious and heavy reads – emotional dramas, psychological thrillers, horror, and creepy mysteries.

fall/winter tbr
How I wish we had dreamy autumn in India as well.
Source – luxuryfitness. tumblr

So here’s my Fall/ Winter TBR

  1. Bag of Bones – Stephen King

I’ve been gathering courage to read IT (the epic horror book, now a movie by Stephen King). But after reading the reviews, I thought it would be a good idea to prep my mind with some other book by the same author.

Bag of Bones Stephen King
Finally being brave enough to read a Stephen King.
Source – bing

Bag of Bones is a murder mystery, and Stephen King is known to be the king of horror and mystery so I am hoping this sets the mood right.

2. Between Shades of Gray – Ruta Sepetys

It is a historical fiction book that traces the characters’ journey through World War II. Certainly a heavy and daunting read, but I’ve heard so many good things about it that this had to be on my list. Promises to make you cry, change you, and leave a deep impact on you.

between shades of gray
Looking forward to this emotional roller coaster.
Source – quote book blogger

3. Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – Benjamin Alire Saenz

This coming of age YA is something that everybody loves. So I thought let’s find what the hype is all about. The story is about Aristotle and Dante, two teen boys who have nothing in common, yet find a world waiting to be explored together and develop a special friendship. It is said to be quite emotional, perfect for winters.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Can we take a minute to appreciate the pretty cover.
Source – dianewantstowrite

4. A Dog’s Purpose – W. Bruce Cameron

When nothing else works, hug your dog. But when doggie is sleeping, what to do? Read doggie books. A Dog’s Purpose is a now a movie, but I want to read the book before watching it.

It has doggies, happiness, and some more doggies. What else can I say – sounds perfect for a crazy dog lady like me!

A Dog's Purpose
What can be better than reading a doggie book and cuddling your doggieeee!
Source – bloglovin

5. The Girlfriend – Michelle Frances

Off late I’ve been adding a lot of psychological thrillers to my TBR list. It traces the relation of Laura and her son Daniel. But when Daniel finds a girlfriend, Cherry, things become chaotic and unruly. It is perfect for fans of Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (which I really liked).

The Girlfriend
The addictive psychological thriller!
Source – BooksoverBlumen

6. A Thousand Boy Kisses – Tillie Cole

After some heavy reads, you need a breather and what better than a light fluffy YA. It is a tearjerker romance, about Rune and Poppy – their bonding that neither time nor distance can break.

The cover and the blurb are giving me happy fuzzy feels already! Super excited.

A Thousand Boy Kisses
You’re never too old for a cheesy romance. Source –

7. A Quiet Kind of Thunder – Sara Barnard

It’s been a while since I read an emotional contemporary book. This one suits the deal perfectly, it is about mental health and love and friendship. It’s a fluffy love story that deals with some serious topics. I think should be fun to read while soaking up the winter sun.

A Quiet Kind Of Thunder
Perfect Vacay Setting.
Source – SprinkledPages

Do let me know what’s on your winter TBR and if you have any creepy book recommendations. I hope you have a great month ahead.  See you soon 🙂

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September TBR

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It’s time to wake up, because it’s September already!

Hello y’all.

September TBR
Welcome new month with new books.
Source –

I have missed posting TBR lists, so this time starting the month on a bookish note. This is my September TBR and I am hoping to tick them all off by the end of the month.

1.In the Miso Soup – Ryu Murakami

If you’re someone who enjoys Japanese literature, then you should definitely give this a try. I love reading Japanese thrillers and this is great addition to the list. I am almost halfway through the book, and so far it’s been quite engrossing.

in the miso soup
Friday night scene!in the miso soup

2. The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriaty

After reading so many good things about this one, I had to add it to this month’s TBR. This month I am trying to take a break from my favorite YA (young adult) reading. This one is a much loved thriller and I am hoping it lives up to all the hype.

the husband's secret
Such prettiness, Much wow!
Source – redital

3. Mrs. Funnybones – Twinkle Khanna

If you’re looking for something light and witty, then this is the perfect choice. I started it last month, but didn’t read it at one go. Planning to read it in between the heavy reading and relishing the unabashed sarcasm and intelligent humor!

mrs funnybones
Amidst all the thrillers, this one seems to be a breather.

4. The Sun is also a Star – Nicola Yoon

Read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon a couple of months back and I quite liked it. So I am looking forward to reading this one as well. The story is about a girl and a guy and their not so usual love story!

The Sun is Also a Star
Romeo being the real star!!

Let me know what all do you have in your September TBR. Until next time, happy reading!

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5 Book Series you’d love to binge read

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Hi guys!

If you’re a 90s kid, you’ll know that before binge watching Netflix became a trend, binge reading was what we called cool. So today I thought of sharing my top 5 book series that you’d love to binge read.

top 5 book series
Perfect setting for long weekends.
Source – shopstyle

1. The Fifty Shades Trilogy – EL James

This erotica series has 3 Books – Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed.

It is the love story of Christian Grey and a young college girl Anastasia Steele. Add to the love story lots of sex, BDSM, heightened romance, and of course emotions. The trilogy took the world by storm, so if you’re looking for an erotica read, then this is the series you can start with.

fifty shades of grey
Laters, Baby
Source – thebooklounge

2. Summer Series – Jenny Han

From the bestselling author of ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’, comes a trilogy that’ll remind you of summers at the beach house, prom nights, and first love.

The series has 3 books – The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s not Summer Without You, and We’ll Always Have Summer.

the summer i turned pretty
This is what I call, summer in a frame.
Source – asecretreadinggarden

This was one of my best reads in 2016. It has the perfect mix of emotions and romance, just what a YA book needs. It depicts a constant tussle between the head and the heart, the friendship between the two boys and Belly, and their chemistry gives you a fuzzy feeling.

3. Shiva Trilogy – Amish Tripathi

If you want to start reading mythology and are confused where to start, the Shiva Trilogy can give you a great push. The 3 books in the Series are – The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of The Nagas, and The Oath of Wayuputras.

shiva trilogy
Har Har Mahadev!!

It is fast paced so you can enjoy it like a thriller. But the elements of mythology and history give it an edge. It teaches about Karma, Lord Shiva and his beliefs and how he transforms the world one deed at a time. Surely worth a read!

4. Millennium Trilogy – Steig Larsson

Have to admit, this is my favorite in the lot. It is based on Swedish crime novels and has 3 books in the series – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest. Get this series and your long weekend reading is sorted.

the girl with the dragon tattoo
Trust me when I say this, you wont be able to put them down.
Source – onequest

It is a story based on Lisbeth Salander, a woman with photographic memory but poor social skills, and Mikael Blomkvist, an investigative journalist. There’s bloodshed, thrill, mystery, and unsolved crime situations.

After the death of Stieg Larsson, the fourth book in the series – The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz was released last year. It is said that the fifth installment of the series The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye is set to release in September 2017.

the girl in the spider's web
Eagerly awaiting to read this one!
Source – stieglarssonofficial

5. If I Stay – Gayle Forman

This is a 2 book series – If I Stay and Where She Went.

if i stay
Keep tissues handy when you read these!!
Source – recoveringpotterhead

It is a heartwarming and emotional series talking about family ties, choices we have to make in life, and the power of love. Gayle beautifully ties human relations in the thread of love. While the first book showcases the struggles and sorrows, the second book talks about triumph.

Let me know how many have you ticked off from the list. Also if you’ve seen their movie adaptations, were they any good?

Bye! Come back soon.

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5 Books to read on a rainy day

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“Let the rain wash away, all the pain of yesterday!”

Rains are God sent gifts for booknerds like you and me. The enticing weather calls for reading something deep, heartwarming, and mollifying.

books for rains
That’s exactly what a rainy day at home should look like.

Its monsoon in most parts of the country, so I thought it would be a good time to inspire you with some of my favorite monsoon books. Read on to find out which ones made it to the list…

1.Those Pricey Thakur Girls – Anuja Chauhan

On a gloomy rainy day when you need extra doze of happiness, you should be reading Anuja Chauhan’s work. This particular one is like the spicy chutney that makes samosas all the more delectable.

Those Pricey Thakur Girls
Its beyond words to say how enjoyable this was.

It is full of sassy feels and bitchy scenes – just what you need to cheer you. And add to it the backdrop of ‘Saddi Dilli’.

2. And the Mountains Echoed – Khaled Hosseini

It is so difficult to select one Khaled Hosseini book. All his books are masterpieces!

And the Mountains Echoed is a heart wrenching story of finding a lost piece of yourself in someone else. Just like all his books, this one is also emotional yet warm and fuzzy.

And the Mountains Echoed
“Nothing good came free. Even love. You paid for all things. And if you were poor, suffering was your currency.”
― Khaled Hosseini,

The Afghan essence and the traditional Hosseini touch make it memorable. Cuddle up in bed with it and your long rainy weekend will be sorted.

3. Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

“Time flows in a strange way on Sundays” – Murakami

Whether it is a Sunday on a hot summer afternoon or a rainy Wednesday night, Murakami needs no season. But truth be told, there is an inevitable charm of reading his work in monsoons.

Gloomy outside , gloomy inside – he forces you to look beyond to find light. Major parts of this book are about death and tragedy, yet it has this sprinkling of positive energy. His beautiful writing is the highlight.

Murakami books
Current color – Red
Current Mood – Murakami

It’s encouraging to read how the characters liberate themselves and trace the path from their world to the so called normal world.

4. The Girl with All the Gifts – M.R. Carey

For me monsoons are synonymous with goth feels and mysterious moods. Matching the vibe perfectly is this eerie read!

It is a tale of zombies in post apocalyptic world. Epic gruesome, gripping, and very engaging. The writing style is fresh and the plot is interesting – perfect example of a page turner.

The Girl with All the Gifts
“In the age of rust, she comes up stainless steel.” – M.R. Carey

If you love dark thrillers, you should add this to your ‘To-Read’ list….

5. Honor – Elif Shafak

I am including all deep heavy reads for monsoons! Honor is a beautiful book; it made me a fan of Elif Shafak’s work. It’s so deep and soul stirring. Love, loss, and a rainbow of other emotions are personified to perfection.

Spanning across 3 generations, this one is a complex tale of relationships, honor, forgiveness, and emotional upheaval.

Honor Elif Shafak
Love cannot be explained, yet it explains all. – Elif Shafak

Like after the rain the world seems fresh and green, Honor will make your heart feel the same. And the Turkish flavor matches the soothing petrichor pleasures.

Let me know what is on your reading list for monsoons, and if you have a favorite monsoon read.

Until next time, enjoy the rains, relish yummy chai – pakode, and of course keep coming back!

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5 YA books that you’ll fall in love with – Part 1

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What’s better than reading books? Writing about your favorite ones! Young Adult (YA) has been my favorite genre for a couple of years now and I’ve devoured a big stack of them.

There are so many YAs on my list of favorites that I cannot put them in one post. Thus, made it into a series! Cheers to a whole lot of dreamy book recommendations.

top young adult books
Adding some extra whimsy feels for the first book post.
Source – Elsa Frost

Without much of rambling, let’s just straight dive in – Top 5 Young Adult book recommendations.

  1. Eleanor and Park (Rainbow Rowell)

If there is one YA that I love beyond every other, it is Eleanor and Park. OMG! It is that good. I have all nice things to say about it. It’s a story of two teenagers, Eleanor – the rebel red hair girl, and Park – the cutesy guy who meanders his way to Eleanor’s heart.

Eleanor Park
If you find a book as good as Eleanor & Park, you’ll be my favorite person.

The bromance, love, and spark between these two is something you just cannot get over with. It is happy, positive, and candy flossy! Trust me when I say that Eleanor and Park will raise your expectations! And Park is #boyfriendgoals.

PS – I am still searching for my version of Park.

2. Me Before You (Jojo Moyes)

Cannot stress enough on how much I love this! I am a big fan of Moyes’ writing. Her words come alive through feelings.

Me Before You
If there is only one love story that you want to read, make sure it is Me Before You.

The love story of a quadriplegic and his caretaker! The love story of two opposite souls! Everything about this book is amazing. The characters, story, emotions, and of course lots of mushy romance.

The movie is super cute as well! Cuddle up with bae and get swayed in love….

Spoiler Alert – Keep a box of tissues handy!

3. All the Bright Places (Jennifer Niven)

This is a tad bit serious than the previous two. Finch and Violet meet at the ledge of school bell tower with a common aim – suicide. If you’ve loved The Fault in Our Stars, then this one’s for you.

All the Bright Places
It’s not what you take, it’s what you leave – All the Bright Places

It is heart wrenching. The way tragedy is weaved with threads of happiness and love, is incredible. It makes the writing style so fresh!

It’ll leave your eyes filled with tears and your heart with hope.

4. Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)

Sophie Kinsella always works magic. Warm and fuzzy like freshly baked cookies, that’s what best describes Finding Audrey.

The story revolves around Audrey whose life is disrupted by anxiety disorder. Enter Linus, her brother’s gaming partner. The romance between Linus and Audrey is bubblegum cute.

Sophie Kinsella
Tilli and I say a big hii 🙂

We all need a guy like Linus, who understands, accepts the weird, mad part of our personality, and sends us virtual kisses.

Happy, uplifting, and mushy, Finding Audrey is unadulterated love!

5. Me & Earl & the Dying Girl (Jesse Andrews)

It’s a story of Greg and Earl, two boys who love making movies. And then one day Greg’s mom urges him to rekindle his childhood friendship with Rachel – the dying girl. It’s a story of their friendship, awkwardness, and understanding.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
And then some books encourage introspection!

This one gives YA reading a fresh feel. Even though there is an underlying sadness, it is witty and full of humor. I loved the vivacious writing style.

Have you read any of these? And if you have any YA book recommendations, the comments section awaits you. My heart and bookshelf is always ready for new books. See you soon.


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