Blogtober Day 18: 10 things I’m grateful for in life

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Hi from the hills! Its birthday eve and I write this with a heart full of gratitude for all the blessings bestowed in these three decades. Welcome to a rather emotional #blogtober Day 18.

how to be grateful
With papa’s blessings!

10 things I’m grateful for in life 


The best part about life was getting this munchkin home. With tiny paws he walked into our lives and has left paw prints on our hearts forever. Cannot be thankful enough to have his love and companionship for the most amazing 8 years of my life!

With all my heart!

Ok – sobbed, saw a tonne of his pictures, sobbed a little more, and now I’m back.

2. Supportive Parents

My parents have always been supportive about all my decisions in life and we’ve shared a bond of friendship and open discussions. This transparency, encouragement, and support has helped me a long way! And I’m most thankful for ‘em rockstar parents.

Memories for life.

3. Freedom to choose my career

I’m a freelancer and a lot of people do not understand the concept. Yes, I don’t go to a physical work place, but the hardwork I put in is equal and on some days a lot more than a regular 9 to 5. I was lucky to be supported by my parents in this decision and thankfully it has worked for me!

Talk about perks – working in pajamas, freedom to choose your working hours, being on your own. But don’t forget you need to keep yourself motivated and there’s a lot of uncertainty.

4. Road trips with mom-dad

Growing up, my summer and winter vacations were for road trips. Traveling with parents is such a comforting experience, all the luxuries and all the fun! Those lazy summer evenings by the beach, or sun soaking on cozy winter afternoons up in the hills, roadside chai ki tapri, fancy candle light dinner at a machan…such heartwarming memories.

Happy times are like ice-cream; melt away so quickly.

The best would be road trip with Romeo (papa’s last and probably the happiest one)

Look at those happy faces 🙂

5. Friends who understand

You have the freedom to choose friends, so make them wisely. Some friendships stay, some fade away, some linger on, but they all teach a lesson. It’s never a one way journey. I’m thankful for all the friends in my life, the ones who’ve stood through tough times – you know I appreciate it so much, and the ones who weren’t there – good riddance, you weren’t worth the time.

Happiness in a frame!

6. Finding solace in books

Forever thankful for my nerdy genes! Finding solace in books is ultimate happiness. You can laugh out loud, bawl your eyes out, feel loved, feel scared, and do absolutely any and everything in this magical world. For me books are savior and a friend I can always trust.

Finding love in the aisles of a bookstore 🙂

7. Gyaan from grandparents

Cherish memories with your grandparents, because there’s nothing like it. The time spent with daadi (KD) at home gossiping and watching her favorite serials, with nani and daddy in Amritsar – there’s no match to that feeling. Filled with gratitude to have their blessings and now them watching me from heavens above!

8. Publishing a book

It was a dream to see my name on the cover of a book. And now that’s its done, I’m a happy soul. So grateful for ‘December Breeze’ to have happened. So grateful for the tough times when I didn’t give up! However naïve it may be, firsts are always special and so is my December Breeze.

December Breezy by Kritika Manchanda
Feels so surreal to see this every time.

9. Body Positivity

Everybody is conscious in some way or the other, even I am. But now I’ve learnt to accept it and work my way with a smile. Extremely thankful for all things good instead of focusing on how the virtual world deceives has helped me become confident and happy in my own skin.

10. Acceptance

I’m most grateful for having worked on the quality of acceptance. It has helped me wade through the tough times a tad bit easily. Seeing how mumma is a ‘Iron Lady’ gives me so much strength. Acceptance towards death, grief, moving on, and myself – a big thanks to God.

All the light left in my life now!

Gratitude is something we should all cultivate. Let me know something that you’re grateful for in life! And come back tomorrow for birthday post in #blogtober!

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