Blogtober Day 28: Mcleodganj Diaries part – II

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Hello y’all. Its Day 28 and just three more days left to #blogtober. Enjoying a sunkissed lazy Sunday before the hustle of a new week begins.

My talent includes – finding cute cafes, befriending doggies, and pondering over life.

Last Sunday this time I was in the mighty mountains. A week back into the life, but the vacay hangover refuses to fade away.  Mcleodganj has a special place in my heart, and this birthday made it all the more memorable.

Shiva Cafe
You’ll be dead trekking. But this view and the vibe is so worth it.
Shiva Cafe Mcleodganj
Tea breaks like these!
On the way to Shiva Cafe

For my birthday this year I thought I’ll celebrate it at Paa’s favorite mountain destination – Manali. Efficiently we planned and booked well in advance. But due to the recent floods, the plan got cancelled. His second favorite place was Mcleodganj, and that’s how birthday in the mountains came to life.

Mcleodganj monastery
That chanting just gives you goosebumps. So peaceful.   
places to visit in Mcleodganj
Half the trip spent crying, the other half in admiration.
Birthday Ready!
best cafes in Mcleodganj
Luna had my heart melting.  
Illiterati cafe mcleodganj
Love and other perishable drugs.  
Fluffy doggiees, the mountains, and me – perfect love triangle.  
best places in Mcleodganj
Totally insta worthy! 

Have a look at part – I of my whimsy trip.

Let me know if this has inspired you to visit this cutesy destination. And if you’ve visited Mcleodganj, what’s your favorite place to chill. I’ll see you tomorrow! Bye..

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Blogtober Day 22: Mcleodganj Diaries part – I

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Hi y’all… Its week 4 of #blogtober!

Back in the hood after a sunkissed and amazing vacation in the mountains of Mcleodganj. So today I thought of sharing whimsy snippets and intensifying your Monday blues.

Much needed getaway to the mighty mountains.
Dalai Lama temple Mcleodganj
Side by side, or a step ahead, together on the path of life.
best places in Mcleodganj
Walked to the monastery with aunty! Small joys of being in the hills.
Found my reading nook!
Happiest in the hills…..
Lunch with a view, always a yaaayyy~
Delish food, sun soaking, mountain gazing, posing, chai drinking – that’s my perfect vacation itinerary
Craving mountain sunshine forever!
Illiterati Cafe Mcleodganj
Evening was spent with Luna! Sucha cutie 🙂
Ombre, balmy, and whimsy – I fall short of adjectives for this prettiness.

You know what’s the worst about vacations? Leaving the view. Wish I could fill up my bags and heart with crisp mountain breeze and sunshine, but then the excitement and longing to go back will vanish.

So here’s to 4 days of vacay and 4 months of throwback! Bye, have a great week ahead.

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