Lipstick Love: Top 5 liquid lipsticks under Rs. 1000/-

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A bright red on a Monday morning or a barbie pink for a lunch date, there is a lipstick for everyone in this world.

Liquid lipsticks have taken the beauty world by storm. They are fuss free, give a beautiful matte finish, and look gorgeous.

liquid lipsticks India
When work looks this pretty!

Here’s my pick of top 5 liquid lipsticks under Rs 1000/-

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color 

True to its name, this one has a mousse like consistency. It dries matte, feels very comfortable on the lips, and the best part, these lipsticks don’t dry your lips.

lakme 9 to 5 weightless mousse lip and cheek color
Ignore the drawing, focus on the creativity 🙂

I had talked about these lippies in a monthly favorites post which you can read here.

Lakme 9 to 5 weightless mousse
Love the formulation. It’s so light yet highly pigmented.

2. Diana of London 2000 Kisses Liquid Lipstick

Color – Red Nature

It is a hot red color which adds a pop of color to the look. After Ruby Woo by Mac, if there is any red lipstick that I adore, it is this beauty.

Diana of London 2000 kisses red nature
Such a stunning red this is!

The staying power is good. It can survive if you nibble something or carefully sip something.

  • Comes in a transparent packaging
  • It has a powder matte feel, but dries down completely matte
  • The fragrance reminds me of baby powder
  • Non-transfer proof and light weight
  • Doesn’t settle into lines and doesn’t bleed

Price – 770/- for 8ml

3. The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

Color – Goa Magnolia 026 (its a berry pink color)

Out of all the formulations mentioned, this is my favorite. It is so weightless and comfortable that you barely feel it on your lips. There is a fabulous color range so you can pick a couple of them.

the body shop lipstick
Summer or Winter, a beautiful berry color is a mus have
  • Comes in a clear tube
  • Has a light fruity fragrance
  • Pointed applicator, so you can easily work around the corners of your lips
  • And the biggest plus – these are cruelty free and aren’t tested on animals
the Body Shop matte lip liquid
I am wearing Goa Magnolia on a my lips and loving it.

Price – 695/- for 8ml

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

The world is crazy for these soft matte lip creams. They have a creamy texture and a soft matte finish, truly flattering. There are a myriad shades – from usual reds and pinks to daring blue, pretty purple, and beautiful burgundy.

NYX soft matte lip creams
You can never have enough of these!
NYX lipsticks
Lovely shades.
Thanks Namita Malik for these pretty pictures.
  • They are named after world cities, how cool is that!
  • Comes in a convenient transparent packaging
  • Doesn’t feather or bleed
  • Will not survive a meal
  • Value for money
  • Isn’t as long lasting as Diana of London or Chambor, so you might need touch ups
NYX smlc swatches
Beautiful colors, comfortable feel, what else can you ask for?

Price – 600/- to 750/- for 6.5g

5. Chamber Extreme Wear Trnasferproof Liquid Lipstick

Out of the lot, this particular one is most drying. Make sure you prep your lips well with a lip balm. Dab off the excess and then apply this lipstick, or else be prepared for dry parched lips.

Cchambor extreme wear liquid lipstick swatches
Forever envying bestie’s lipstick stash.
Thanks Dr. Garima 🙂
  • Comes in transparent packing
  • Good formula, but I am not a fan of the applicator. It is quite broad, so you can mess up the corners of your lips
  • Lasts the longest out of the 5 mentioned lipsticks
  • Partially survives a meal, will fade after that leaving an outline
  • On re-applying it can patchy and can flake off
Chambor liquid lipsticks India
Lots of colors to choose from.

My favorite color is 403. It’s a bright cool toned fuchsia.

Chambor extreme wear liquid lipsticks
I just hope these were a little less drying on the lips.
chambor extreme wear liquid lipstick 403
Love at first sight!

Price – 845/- for 6ml

If you love liquid lipsticks, I suggest you invest in a good quality lip scrub. Exfoliate your lips 1-2 times a week for a kissable pout.

If you have any favorite liquid lipstick, share it in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this post with all your girlies.

Much Love!

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