Blogtober Day 1: Same Pinch

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Time for BLOGTOBER! I’m nervous, excited, and a bag of nerves, because this is too much commitment. But okay, let’s do this with all heart.

Starting the Blogtober series with something that’s very close to my heart! It’s my version of poetry/prose/ tiny tale, whatever you’d like to call it.

Beginning Blogtober with something special.
Source – expat woman

Same Pinch

Purani Dilli ki juttiyan aur Karachi ke khuse, same pinch

Eid ki hari lal choodiyan aur Diwali pe hatheli pe khili mehndi, same pinch

Shopping Eid ki ho ya Diwali ki, maza toh sabke saath hai.
Source – flickr

Shaadi ka laal joda aur walime ka laal sharara, same pinch

Jalebi ki mithas same pinch

Baaarish ka ehsaas same pinch

Kebabs ka woh swaad same pinch

Dil, dhadkan, aur zubaan, same pinch

Toh kyun faasle badhte ja rahe hain dilon aur deshon mein, inch dar inch…..

Sudarshan Pattnaik, sand artist at Puri beach (Odisha) brings to life many emotions.
Source- Beeena Sarwar

Hope you liked this small effort. Support me through my Blogtober journey, I’ll be posting everyday all through October.

Let me know your thoughts on ‘Same Pinch’ and also drop in your post suggestions! Ciao….

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