The Body Shop Argan Oil Range Review

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Hi y’all!

Today I am talking about my favorite brand, The Body Shop.

The world is raving about Argan Oil. It’s good for your skin, hair, and what not. I’d heard good things about TBS Argan Oil range. And I am a hoarder of TBS things, so this one had to be in the cart. There is a sale going on, so you can also make use of it to treat yourself.

The Body Shop India
Now you know where all my money goes.

I’ve been using the shower gel and the body lotion close to 2 months now. So now would be a good time to share my review.

TBS is known to use finest quality ingredients sources from all over the world. The Argan Oil range is enriched with slow pressed Argan Oil from The Little Atlas Mountains, Morocco.


Both the shower gel and the body lotion come in trademark TBS packaging – easy to use plastic bottle. The shower gel bottle is golden in color and comes with a flip top, very easy to use. And the body lotion comes in a pump packaging.

The Body Shop shower gel
Lather up the richness of Aragn Oil!

They have changed the packaging of the body lotions. Now you even get a stopper for more protection. It is travel friendly; you can close the pump and just attach the stopper to make it spill proof.


The range has a sweet nutty fragrance, with undertones of vanilla. It is refreshingly soothing. If you like woody sweet fragrances, something like macademia chocolates or caramel, then you’ll enjoy this range.

The Body Shop body lotion
Light and moisturizing, this body lotion is perfect for summers.

The only down side, the fragrance does not last long. It’s a good idea to layer your fragrances. Use the shower gel, followed by the body lotion.

You could also layer it with body lotion and body mist. Although this range does not have a body mist.

How it fairs?

The shower gel lathers well, and the best part is that it doesn’t strip off the moisture from your skin.

The body lotion is light and non-greasy, yet it moisturizes the skin well. You just need a tiny amount. It seeps into the skin rather quickly.

The Body Shop Argan Oil Range Review
Keep an eye on The Body Shop sale and you can get some good offers.


  • Shower Gel – 345/- for 250ml
  • Body Lotion – 575/-

If you’re looking for a new shower gel and want to try something enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil, then this is a great affordable buy. The body lotion will last longer, so I’ll say its value for money.

The Body Shop Argan Oil Scrub
The range also has a body butter, body scrub, and lip scrub.
Source – LilyLike

Hope the review helps you make a smart choice. Let me know what’s your favorite product from TBS, so that next time I have reason enough to splurge!!

Bye, see you soon.

This is not a sponsored post. Just my love for TBS pouring all over.

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