Blogtober Day 4: Tips to manage anxiety and panic attacks

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Hi y’all. Hows it going? Today we’re going to talk about something that’s a tad bit serious, but very important!

Anxiety and stress have become constant companions in our fast paced urban lives. Being anxious once in a while or being stressed for a particular reason is acceptable, we’re all humans after all. But when things start slipping out of hand, you know it’s becoming a difficult situation.

anxiety management tips
Manage anxiety and panic attacks with these tips.
Source – open colleges

If you’re battling alone, then making small changes can help you fight panic attacks and anxiety.

Here are 5 effective ways to manage anxiety

  1. Take time out

A packed schedule with overwhelming deadlines forms the basis of anxiety. Try to manage your time effectively and do smart work instead of hard work sometimes. Take time out for yourself and trust me, those little breaks go a long way.Go for an evening out with your friends, gossip session with your mom, eating out at your favorite café, or just gifting yourself a small something.

Also saying ‘no’ to things around is perfectly okay when you’re feeling stressed.

how to cope with anxiety
Self care is most important, and most times we overlook it.
Source – mashable
2. Face your fears

Sometimes all you need is that one push to chase that dream. It’s difficult to it that first time, but then slowly things do fall in place. You have to help yourself. Falter, learn from your mistakes, and strike back harder.

3. Seek help and talk to someone

You can talk to a friend, your parents, or anyone close who you trust. Talking makes things a lot easier and you’ll get a new perspective.

Also if you’re feeling too jittery to talk to someone in person, then consider joining an online support group. Meeting people who understand what you’re going through and with similar experiences will make you feel connected.

tips to help with anxiety
Connect with people and you’ll feel a lot better.
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4. Do something that you love

As cliché as it sounds, this tip works wonders. For me, when I’m anxious as hell I try to disconnect (which is rather difficult) and dive deep into my world of books. For some seeking solace in traveling is an answer while for others baking is therapeutic, you just need to find what’ll make your heart happy!

5. Lifestyle changes

Making healthy lifestyle choice is something that we all should opt for. (And guilty as charged, most of us don’t do it). But making a conscious effort in the direction is what matters.

dealing with anxiety
Health before wealth, always.
Source – beaumont street

Less caffeine, eat those greens, relax and deep breathe, meditate, exercise in whatever form you like, calm yourself with some music and light reading….and the list goes on. All these are simple ways to keep anxiety at bay, but if you think that you cannot control it, consider seeking medical help.

I know some days are glum and sad, but then other days are happier. Here’s hoping the gloom subsides and you’re blessed with positivity and sunshine. And remember, it’s just a panic attack, there are worse things in life that you’ve faced, so don’t lose hope.

tips to manage anxiety
Garnish with anxiety and serve a mess!
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Share your anxiety management tips in the comments below! And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for #blogtober journey….

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