Photo Essay for Big Shot Finale at Club Mahindra Tungi

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Hi guys!

I’m back from a mini getaway in Tungi (near Lonavala) and the vacay hangover lingers on.

Club Mahindra has always been such a special part of our life. Paa’s last trip was to Club Mahindra, Jaisalmer. So now after a year and a half, when we got a chance to be at Club Mahindra Tungi for their Big Shot Finale, we were more than happy.

club Mahindra
Memories for life.

Our Big Shot Journey

After attending a valuable and informative photography workshop by the maestro photographer Radhakrishnan Chakyat, we headed out to explore the resort and take some beautiful pictures for our Photo Essay. The theme for the Photo Essay for Big Shot Finale was to weave a story and present it with 5 pictures.

So here’s the story that I weaved with a tonne of help from supermom!

Cheers to new beginnings, but paa will always be with us. 

club mahindra tungi
Always with us.

Papa’s two loves – Mercedes and Me.  No points for guessing who the first love was. 

weekend getaway from Mumbai

A train teaches us to go on….Mom continuing the journey of life. ‘Gaadi Bula Rahi Haai’!


Well what’s a holiday without some reading! I found my perfect reading nook and couldn’t be happier.

club mahindra photography

With or without him, we hope Club Mahindra is always a special part of our life. And we continue to cherish golden memories with their amazing vacations. 


All the participants had to present the story to the jury – Gul Panag and Radhakrishnan Sir. It was rather emotional to bring those emotions to words, but I think we managed it. And to our surprise we were awarded the 3rd position.

Big Shot Finale
Choking on emotions, while we present our story.
club mahindra tungi
All our efforts paid off!

Right from the journey to being at the resort, it was an overwhelming and heartwarming experience. Of course we missed our ‘Main Man’, but probably it was all his magic that worked and we could pull this off, just like we’re doing for life.

Thanks Paa for always looking upon us and being the magician that you are….


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