Top 8 Books to read during PMS

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On those grumpy PMS days you can’t underestimate the superpowers of a jar of Nutella or Pepperoni Pizza. But then those extra calories! Arrghhh. Here’s a low cal method to kick away PMS blues – books.

books to read during pms
PMSing it right!
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Trust me when I say that one of the best remedies for those PMS days is a pile of books and of course eternal bae – hot water bag. Stories to make you feel fuzzy, happy, and emotional. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and bundle up.

8 books to read when PMSing like a pro.

1.Handle with Care – Jodi Picoult

It is that time of the month when you crave for something warm and heart touching! Handle with Care is the perfect PMS read. It is deep, emotional, and poignant. It’s the story of Willow, who’s born with a severe case of osteogenesis imperfecta and her mother Charlotte.

YA book recommendations
Kept my favorite on top of the list this time.

It’s also the story of relations and traces a beautiful journey between a mom and daughter. Will get you super emotional and teary eyed and pull the strings of heart just right.

2. Looking for Alaska – John Green

Reading a John Green book certainly gives you ‘the feels’. Looking for Alaska is a beautiful and heartbreaking story. It traces a deep treacherous friendship between rebel, Alaska Young and Miles Halter, Mr. Keep it safe. What follows is a rollercoaster of emotions, laughs, and wit. It is more than just a fuzzy summer contemporary and will surely impact your heart deeply.

looking for alaska
If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.

3. Before I Die – Jenny Downham

Keep tissues handy while reading this one. It’s the story about Tessa, a teenage girl who just has a few months to live. Struggling between hospitals and medications, she makes a list of all that she needs to do ‘Before I Die’. It is emotional and romantic in the right amount. Doesn’t get too cringy which is a good thing.

best YA books
For all those days when you dont want to move from the bed – this is the perfect companion. Source – theunfinishedbookshel

4. One Plus One – Jojo Moyes

Such a happy heartwarming read! Perfect for those heartbroken PMSing days. Cuddle up with a cup of chai, chips, and this book to say goodbye to mood swings and cramps for a little while at least.

It’s the story of a single mom, her chaotic family, and a quirky stranger. Perfectly weaved love story with a sprinkling of fairy tale romance, that’s One Plus One for you!

best books for young adults
A book recommendation cannot be complete without Jojo Moyes.

5. Baaz – Anuja Chauhan

PMS is not just about mushy feels. There are times when those badass vibes are on point. For all those times, Baaz makes the best read. Anuja Chauhan knows uses wit and sarcasm in such a positive way. The handsome Indian Air Force hunk Ishaan Faujdaar will get you drooling. It is indeed a humorous and witty tribute to the men in uniform.

baaz anuja chauhan
Perfect PMS Setting.

6. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

For all you lovers of fan-fiction, family ties, and first love, Fangirl is a superlative read. The premise is that of twins Cath and Wren at college. It traces their journey, their struggles, their romances, and their life! If you’re looking to uplift your spirits, this is what you should be reading.

best books for pms
Rainbow Rowell sure knows how to melt the heart.

7. The Sun is also a Star – Nicola Yoon

One of my current fav YA, The Sun is also a Star breaks your heart and mends it in the best possible way. It is the story of Natasha, who’s family is being deported back to Jamaica, and Daniel, who wants to prove himself to his parents. It spans over 24 hours and is perfect for a quick read.

The sun is also a star
If you’re looking for a deeply touching diverse read, then this is a good pick.

The story has many elements of diversity which are put together so well. There are a few clichés, but the amazing writing style compensates for it. Finding yourself, believing in the signs of universe, and just going with the flow can sometimes lead to best decisions, find out how in this one.

8. All the Bright Places – Jennifer Niven

Last but certainly not the least on the list of PMS book recommendations is All the Bright Places! This one is an exhilarating love story about a girl who learns to live from a boy who intends to die. Finch and Violet are #goals.

The underlying theme is tragedy, but I love how it is weaved with threads of hope, romance, and love. Be ready for a lot of introspection after finishing it though!

best YA books
Its not what you take, its what you leave.

I hope you like these PMS book recommendations and they make those grumpy days a tad bit better. Let me know if you have a lovable read that I can pick!

Happy reading…

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Re-Readathon 2018: 10 books I’m re-reading this year

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Hope y’all are having a great start to the year. 2018 is the year of re-reads! Says who? Says every booknerd. We all secretly wish to re-reads our favorites, but then the ever ending list of new books makes rereading a tad bit difficult. One of my reading goals for 2018 is to reread 10 of my favorite books.

best books to re-read
2018 is the year for Re-Reads. Join me in Re-Readathon 2018

So here’s what I’ve chosen for Re-Readathon 2018.

1.Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park is my favorite Rainbow Rowell book. I adore it no end. Started the Re-Readathon 2018 by devouring this fluffy YA. A fuzzy yet realistic love story, this one has all the feels.

Re-Readathon 2018
Starting the year with my favorite!


2. The Lover’s Dictionary – David Levithan

Planning to start the month of love, February with this beautiful book. It is written in the form of definitions. I loved it when I first read it and now would be the perfect time to revive the love for words.

best books 2018
David Levithan is the king of love stories. Worth a re-read.

3. Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda – Becky Albertalli

Super excited to read the latest book by Becky Albertalli – The Upside of Unrequited. But before that I need to delve into this gem. It is an LGBT YA book. The chemistry and the love story got my heart melting the first time and I want to experience that magic again.

PS – The movie adaptation is releasing this summer, and guess who’s super excited??

Simon vs the Homosapiens agenda
Cutest romance I’ve read in a long time.
Source – 22issillyyoungadult

4. Wonder – R.J Palacio

A heartwarming story about Auggie, a boy with facial deformity, his struggles in school, his friends and their #friendshipgoals. If you want to read something deep but not preachy, that’ll remain in your heart forever, Wonder is what you should pick up.

Re-Readathon 2018
Tilli and Wonder, restoring my faith in friendship.

5. When We Collided – Emery Lord

You’re never too old for a love story. I read it in 2016 and loved it with all my heart. It’s a beautiful story of Jonah and Vivi that depicts how two broken people who when collide take the universe by storm. The realistic characters, beautiful relationships, and YA feels on point, When We Collided makes the perfect summer read.

books to re read
What is meant to be will find a way.
Source – bookboxclubblog

6. And the Mountains Echoed – Khaled Hosseini

Do I need to say anything by Khaled Hosseini is a gem? It has been close to 3 years since I last read any of his works. Re-Readathon 2018 is the perfect time to soak my heart and soul in his beautiful words. It is a beautiful historical fiction about two siblings and their ultimate bond.

And the Mountains Echoed
“Nothing good came free. Even love. You paid for all things. And if you were poor, suffering was your currency.”
― Khaled Hosseini,


7. I’ll give you the Sun – Jandy Nelson

It’s been so long since I read this and ever since I’ve only heard people rave their love about this epic YA. ‘I’ll give you the Sun’ will happen in Re-Readathon 2018. It is the story of two siblings, their life, struggles, and secrets. Told in alternate voices, it deserves all the praise.

Top YA books
Heartwarming and Heartbreaking, all at the same time.
Source – mohamedghazi

8. 13 Reasons Why – Jay Asher

I read ‘13 Reasons Why’ way before it became a TV show. Have heard mixed things about the TV show though. So I thought it’ll be a good idea to give this one a re-read in 2018. It is about mental health, suicide, and grief. So if you’re looking for a sad YA, I totally recommend this.

13 reasons why
If you’ve seen the TV show, please share your thoughts.
Source – onceuponapage

9. Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

I want to get back to Murakami phase, but have been skeptical. The best way, I thought, is to re-read an old favorite. If you also want to start reading Murakami, I highly recommend Norwegian Wood. It is a love story with classic Murakami touch. Best part, it doesn’t go above your head.

best Murakami books
Long time, no Murakami…

10. Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng

Celeste Ng does historical fiction so good. This one is heartbreaking and heavy, but so worth it. Set in 1970s this one is about a Chinese American family living in Ohio. The daughter’s body is found in the nearby lake and the story unfolds.

best historical fiction books
In the mood for a good historical fiction, this one doesn’t disappoint.
Source – youth proactive

Let me know if you’ve read any of these books. Also would love to know what your favorite books are that you’d love to re-read in 2018!

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5 YA books you must add to your reading list – part III

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Hi there!

Hope you’re all good. After all the festivities and falling ill, it is now time to catch up on reading. Young Adult or YA as it is popularly known as, is my favorite genre of recent times. It is sweet like a cheesecake, sometimes intense like pie, but always so delectable and fluffy.

best YA books
You are the books you read.

Here’s presenting part III of my top 5 YA books.

1. Looking for Alaska (John Green)

John Green is best known for The Fault in Our Stars, but Looking for Alaska is a wonder that deserves more praise. He manages to capture the best of your emotions and how!

The story is about Miles, who bids goodbye to his inhibitions and goes to a new school. New friends, new life, and new adventures await him. And down the hall is Alaska young – gorgeous, clever, self destructive, and screwed up. She pulls Miles into her world of friends, steals his heart, and then everything is changed. Its deeply emotional and has the perfect dose of YA feels.

Looking for Alaska
If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.

2. The Sky is Everywhere (Jandy Nelson)

This one is a story of love and loss. After Lennie’s sister Bailey dies, she finds herself torn between two boys – Toby (Bailey’s boyfriend) and Joe (the new boy in town). Lennie is constantly battling to balance her heart and head.

It is heartbreaking, romantic, and warm all in the right amounts. The overall feel of the book is tragic, but I love the way hope triumphs over tragedy.

The Sky is Everywhere
The sky is everywhere. It begins at your feet 🙂

3. Love Like Crazy (Megan Squires)

Love  Like Crazy is a fuzzy warm YA read. Love, soul, happy vibes – everything is on point. Eppie and Lincoln are the main characters (and they come quite close to my Eleanor & Park benchmark of mush). It positive, happy, and romantic, but with an undercurrent of sadness.

best YA books
Love like crazy and you’ll know the power of love.

The story highlights how it’s okay to be broken and sad. Collecting broken pieces and making life beautiful, that’s what every character in the book teaches. The romance between Eppie and Lincoln is charming at a new level.

4. The Truth about Forever (Sarah Dessen)

This was my first Sarah Dessen read and I was quite impressed. Loved the writing style. The story is about Wes and Mac; both are on a break from their respective relationship, but find a new friendship and companion in each other. The story is somewhat clichéd, but the freshness in writing makes it worth a read.

5. Wonder (R. J. Palacio)

Saved my ultimate favorite for the last! Wonder is a story about a boy, Auggie with facial disability. After being home schooled for years, it is time for him to finally go to a proper school. It plays well with your emotions, one minute you’re laughing out loud and the next minute your heart melts.

The journey is about Auggie, the challenges he faces, the friends he makes, and the lessons he learns. It restored my faith in friendship. Wonder is ‘feel good at its best’.

Wonder RJ Palacio
Its not enough to be friendly. You have to be a friend.

You can also read part I and part II for some other amazing YA recommendations. And if you have a favorite YA recommendation, do share it with me in the comments below.

Until next time, happy reading!!


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